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March 05, 2020 3 min read

We've all been at chamber events or charity functions where raffle prizes are requested and given away. And sometimes it has the desired response, and sometimes it doesn't.

When is the last time someone walked up to you after the event and ask 'Can I have your card please? I really want to connect with you!' because of your raffle donation?

Here are two questions and three tips that can help make that a reality.

Question #1: What is your goal?

Identify your goal for donating the raffle prize. When you start with your goal, it leads to make a better 'donate or not to donate' decision, and then if you decide to donate, it can help you decide what to donate. 

Question #2: How much time do you have?

Time is an important factor these days - sometimes we spend an hour to save a few dollars, when our time is worth $50, $100, $150 per hour... 

Tip #1: give an actual item that reflects your brand 

  • low time/money involvement, lower long-term impact: use branded shwag with your company logo and possibly add a gift card. It's something visual that will get people's attention. The interest in the item helps too - a great relationship with a promotional products provider can be a huge support to make this happen. If you would like that relationship, I'd love to introduce you!

  • low time/a little higher budget - quite a bit larger long-term impact - not only on the person who wins it, also with the other people in the room. Ask a gifting company to brand their offering (cake pops, truffles, flowers, plant, etc.) to your colors, reflect your values (logo or not), and be inspirational or a gift people will really love. When it is lifted up and the recipient walks through the room with it, they will be reminded of you and think of how generous you are. 
Branded corporate flowers

    Tip #2: give a gift that makes people laugh 

    • try a fun (and still useful) gift reflecting something people are thinking about or talking about right now - for example, with the virus concerns, give a HUGE bottle of hand sanitizer that will get you a laugh

    Tip #3: give a gift that keeps on giving 

    • give away two of something, with the charge for the recipient to give the 2nd one to someone else

    When your time is really valuable, it makes sense to take a few moments and think through your goals and availability. And build a relationship with a gifting partner (or partners) who will support you, and it takes a quick email or phone call to make a stunning impression.

    Giving back, supporting your partners, and also social capital, eyes in the room, people noticing you - all these are goals for giving raffle prizes at networking functions or charity events. 

    Did you know that our Floral Concierge Membership can support you in all these goals? Our members have access to branded floral arrangements or planters, and at a variety of prices points (more variety than shows on our website). Once we get to know you, it is so easy to have a major impact, and to have people walk up to you after your raffle prize is given away and say 'Can I have your card please? I really want to connect with you!'

    Call me at 480-603-7673 or schedule a call here to find out more