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July 06, 2017 2 min read

So you've identified  your ideal client, and you've reached out, called or emailed, or both, and crickets... nothing. Your goal is an appointment, and you'd be over the moon for an email reply. How do you break the silence?

1. Find someone you know in common and ask them to help

There are a variety of ways to do this:

  • look for mutual connections on LinkedIn and ask for an introduction - feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile and see if I can help
  • ask specifically at your BNI chapter or networking group to find out who knows that person or someone else in their company
  • ask your clients who are already excited about you who they know who would know that person

2. Find out what they like, their hobbies or interests, and make a connection/introduction for them or invite them to an event where they'll get to pursue their passion.

  • Who do you know that they want to know? What event or where do those people hang out?
  • For example, if they are an Alice Cooper fan, find a charity event that Alice Cooper is co-sponsoring or will be attending, and invite them to join you at the event.

3. Send a really creative gift to them that asks for you.

  • Have a branded floral arrangementdelivered to them - in their logo colors, or visually expressing their brand message or value proposition. This is especially helpful when what you have to offer enhances their brand. Or it could be a combination of your message and theirs.
  • Send a floral arrangement that is a creative collaboration between your brand and theirs - you don't have to have this all worked out - I love to let my creative mind go to work with what you have and what your goals are. Check out the story of how Kimber got an appointment with a marketing firm that had been elusive. We collaborated on a floral arrangement - including stumbling on this cute birdhouse among their promotional items.
  • Send a shoe (of a type that makes sense given the context) filled with candy, flowers or other 'treats' with the message 'Want to get my foot in the door'
Sometimes business development is challenging and stretching - wouldn't it be more fun if everyone were smiling, laughing and enjoying the process?
What are your creative business development tips?