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March 06, 2018 3 min read

So you have your venue and date for your wedding, and your next step is decor and wedding flowers. What questions should you ask when you meet with a wedding florist?

Of course, there are the obvious ones that you, being a savvy, smart bride would already think of:

  • Can you show me pictures of your actual weddings? [not just photo shoots hmmm... sense another blog post coming - how do you tell the difference between photo shoots and real weddings?]
  • Are you available on my date? 
  • How many weddings do you do in a weekend?

You also want to consider whether you get a good vibe from them, is it a Arizona Wedding - Bride and Bridesmaidsgood fit personality-wise? There are so many wedding florists and full-service florists who also provide stunning wedding flowers, and each one has their own specialties and personality. Each one also has an ideal wedding client niche, whether they know it, own it or not!

Here are 7 questions to ask your Florist when planning your wedding flowers that will help you learn how experienced they are and go deeper in what each of us offers:

  1. What makes you different from other wedding florists? What are the benefits of hiring you? 
  2. Who is your ideal wedding client? What age group, what budget range, what types of venue, what flower style? [be wary of the answer - we work with all brides. Of course, all of us are happy to support any bride - it's just that we each support different kinds of brides the best, and there are probably brides that each company doesn't serve well at all - unless they are
  3. Flowers and containers: Are my favorite flowers in season and available?
    Bride's bouquet with lilacsWhat is their pricing? Can you suggest other flowers that will give me the same look and feel, and that will complement them well? 
    Do you offer rental vases and containers? Or if I've already purchased centerpiece vases, is that ok?
  4. What suggestions do you have for maximizing my wedding budget?
  5. How do flowers get to you? Are they kept cold all the way from the grower to your studio? How do you make sure the flowers last throughout the whole day, looking fabulous for the ceremony, reception and pictures?
  6. How do the flowers get to the wedding? Do you offer delivery services and what is included? Do you have a service where you move florals and decor from the ceremony site to the reception? Do you pick up rental items at the end of the night?
Bride and Bridesmaids with bouquetsAnd a bonus question for those who are interested in some aspects of a DIY wedding flower experience: 
  • Are there ways I can be involved with my flowers the week of the wedding? Can I make my centerpieces, for example, with your support?

We'd love to answer these questions for you in person, of course! And stay tuned here as we flesh out these answers in additional blog posts. Click here to schedule a phone appointment to chat about this or a complimentary in-person consultation.

I'm curious what other questions you have on your mind, too! Tell us in the comments below.

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