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March 19, 2020 2 min read

Here's Susan's and my story of how some floral arrangements' ripple effect follows on for years:

Susan Cuchiara, who received flowers first from us 6 years ago this month, reposted on Facebook the picture of her very first arrangement, which is the main picture for this post. 

I remember that experience well, for two reasons, one is that it was a pivotal point for me in being brave in floral design.

You see, leading up to that time, I had been cautiously experimenting with more artistic design. My mentor in the early days of the business had been more focused on mass market design - simple designs that you see everywhere. So I was stretching my design wings.

When her son called to order flowers, he called the morning of her birthday, which people often do before they get to know us and get on our reminder service! I had been experimenting and had this design ready to go. I offered to create something else for a delivery later in the day, and he opted to go for it.

Susan was thrilled! Posted this picture the same day on Facebook, and shared with me later how many people stopped by her desk to congratulate her and come over and look more closely at the design.

Fast forward back to this year, here's how I replied on Facebook:

"Susan, thank you for sharing this! I was telling the story of this arrangement to one of my networking friends, Chip McCann, who attended the Experience Matters luncheon (Susan had made the connection with the board for this fund-raiser and recommended us to help them make it a special experience), and bought the centerpiece at his table. He asked me how we got connected to Experience Matters, so I had to tell the story of this arrangement.

"And the experience of how positively you responded to this arrangement years ago was pivotal in giving me confidence to branch out and find the floral art style that we've developed.

"I realized it must have been about this time of year, because my fig tree branches are leafing out like this right now, too! Thank you!! Happy Birthday, Susan"

And then, Susan posted this:

Birthday flowers sent over the years

Because we knew how much Susan liked the first arrangement, we continued being creative for future birthdays for her. Tony, her son, loves that it's so simple and effortless for him to make a stunning impact and show his Mom how much he loves her.

Isn't it amazing how stepping out and stretching yourself, and doing great work for wonderful people leads to happy repeat customers?! And this experience also was inspirational for me as we invented and developed our Floral Membership, too. We love the synergy in life and business!

Where are you finding synergy and exploration in your life right now? We'd love a comment here on our blog post, or on social media!

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