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November 02, 2021 1 min read

Part of the fun and magic of flowers is the impact on relationships. We're so grateful that we get to be a kind of midwife, in between, providing that heart-felt connection.

And we love it when our clients share back with us a glimpse of the deeper impact. 

From my client, who forwarded this text from her recipient:

"I just recieved my flowers that you sent me.
They are absolutely beautiful.
The arrangement looks like a garden.
Thank you so much for your kindness.
I needed that today.more than you know. "

Here's the picture we sent her before we delivered.

When I shared this in a post, another client and friend also replied in the comments with this picture her client sent:

Our client said: "We had an arrangement delivered to a friend for her birthday yesterday. It’s gorgeous!"

The recipient sent her this note with the picture: "Thank you so very much for the beautiful arrangement, love all the colors! I appreciate it 😘😘😘"


And another friend and client, Vrinda , from XN Solutions, a digital marketing firm, sent me a thank you this week with this text from her client/flower recipient:

Vrinda has planned her Floral Membership to support her with new client thank you gifts, and has raved about the impact on her relationships.

When you're wanting this impact, please reach out and we will support you with creative design and distinctive flowers bringing you the same happy impact.

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