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A Revolutionary Business Model: 21st Century Florist!

February 27, 2019 4 min read

Floral Concierge: The 21st Century Florist! 

A Revolutionary Business Model for the Florist Industry

The ultimate conundrum… Grocery store flowers!!!



Grocery store flowers

We are reviving and revolutionizing the flower industry forever!

It’s no secret that florists everywhere have been impacted over the last couple of decades by flowers to go in retail and stores, internet flower offerings and numerous other floral gift options. In this society of instant gratification and convenience, the ease of the Internet and on-the-spot flower purchases in grocery store have skyrocketed. It is an impulse purchase rather than something well thought out and planned. People may feel less pressure to buy at a grocery store or perusing the Internet plus the “open” hours and location are not an issue.

What’s the added spice of floral artistry and high end service?

However, even with convenience and price, people don’t receive the knowledge, skills and abilities of a professionally trained florist. They don’t receive the care and personal touch that comes with the relationship of that of professional florist. There are also no unique qualities, variety, options or individual care and special touches that are offered by a trained professional. As a result, such a gift may not communicate the quality or message you intend to convey. 

Common frustrations in nurturing your treasured relationships

Additionally, it’s still up to the consumers to remember the important dates, likes/dislikes of recipients, the history or what you have already sent, and other private information that people may never remember. Plus, what about the businesses like realtors perhaps that would want to send flowers to their buyers or sellers on a regular basis or businesses that want to send holiday arrangements or remembrances like a birthday, anniversary or other occasion for their customers but still have the hassle of keeping track of the dates and doing everything themselves. 

Announcing an innovative transformation for giving flowers.

This new business model, The 21st Century Floral Concierge, is a game changer. The new membership model of service integrates a technology component designed to make it easy, while giving customers a greaterhigh touch experience, so they can experientially ensure awow factor in everything they send. This new service not only streamlines your flower sending, making it super easy! It’s also strategically designed to create profitable business relationships and deepens personal ones.

Our commitment to you

We have been incubating the idea, researching and testing and found that people are definitely resonating to the concept. During this phase we found opportunities to build in more perks and a need to build a system for better communication and ease of use for the members to view their membership status and simplify the process and make it easy for the team to support the members. It requires a member-only portal with an account, login, and self-managing passwords.

Making life easier

Benefits of a Floral Concierge are making life easier, peace of mind with support, access to all the variety, information and types of services. This model affords flexibility with giving as far as price, style, options, selections and cost-savings. Of course there are different membership levels from the occasional giver to business level member that would have a need and benefit from giving on a daily basis.

Groundbreaking opportunity

You can be a part of this one of a kind membership, and help build a model that can change the lives of local florists across America, better the economy, bring a special touch and personal service back to floral gift giving. The customer service aspect of a Floral Concierge alone brings the value of this business model to an extremely high level.

All local florists have the opportunity to benefit from this cutting edge solution for struggling flower shops across the country.

We would love you to join us in transforming the flower industry so that we can give the small business a chance to thrive. Join our movement to revolutionize small florists.

Here’s how you can help.

  • Take another step in being a part of our community: Introduce us to someone you know, or sharinga significant idea for spreading the word about us.  
  • Join our Floral Concierge Membership - as we work with you to customize it to you, we learn how to serve others better, too.
  • have a conversation with Karin and give your feedback.
  • hosting a smaller event (on zoom, or in person once we can) with your sphere of influence for us to share our vision.

For additional information on how you can be a part of this market innovation and help transform the floral industry, please contact Karin Crawford 480-603-7673 or fill out our contact form here. It is simple and easy.

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