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April 01, 2019 2 min read

When you're wanting to create a romantic experience for your sweetheart, does it come easily or is it more of a challenge thinking of ideas and executing on them? Here's a story you can learn from, and then in the video I'm sharing more tips for how you can do this too.

The Romantic Flower Story

Let me tell you a story about one of our client's gifts recently as told through the eyes of Stacy, our Floral Ambassador (who manages our deliveries and more):

Stacy shared, "When we deliver flowers to someone in an office, I like to wait at the front desk for them to come to receive them. As I watched Tina come through the door and saw her eyes take in the flowers, there was such surprise and wonder! Tina exclaimed 'Are these for me?! They are BEAUTIFUL!' Instead of picking them up and heading back to her desk, she just stood there enraptured by the flowers, looking at them from every angle, taking them in and exclaiming, 'They're wonderful! So beautiful! And look, there are my favorite flowers, just like we had in our wedding! Wow! What a great guy I have. He's amazing.'

"It was such an incredible experience for her, and I could see she was deeply moved and touched. She returned to her desk with the flowers, still exclaiming about how amazing they were." [name changed to protect privacy]

"What an emotional memory! He hit it out of the park! I was so excited for them."

Tips for how you can do this to:

The 'Secret Sauce' is that we help you match the selection of flowers, and the style of the arrangement to the style of the person so that they see something of themselves in the arrangement, and the emotional impact of the gift creates a lasting emotional memory and creates a powerful romantic bond.

I'd like to share with you my tips and insights about this here, some of which I've never shared publicly before. I want to help you THAT much!:

Thanks for listening in! 

I'd love to hear your comments below:

Which tip helped you to think of a more creative way to connect?

And about our 'Keep your Wife Happy Membership' and our 'Deep Romance Membership', what questions do you have and what would you absolutely want to see included in our memberships?


To read the another story, one of flowers I received and how they touched my heart deeply: 

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