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March 02, 2021 2 min read

With my Dad and Grandfather being Landscape Architects and both creators of botanical gardens, you can imagine I'm drawn to the variety and special qualities of flowers. With a flower business, it makes sense to have classic, go-to flowers. And even our 'standards' have distinctive aspects to them. Also, we augment the year-round varieties with seasonal flowers that only come around every so often, or once a year.

Here are some of our favorites year-round:

Delightful 'Free Spirit' Roses - we have these on our standing order. They open like a sunset, and each rose has slightly different shades, from deep pinks sometimes on the outer guard petals, to oranges, to apricots, to pale yellow. And as it matures, it opens large, and sometimes the colors fade into softer sunrise colors. Long-lasting, too!

Delightful 'Free Spirit' Roses

Sunny Sunflowers: While not as distinctive in their availability or style, they are a statement flower sure to please. Every once in a while (like the dead of winter when we need them most), they aren't as easy to come by. And we order them in every week so that you can make a bold, happy statement!

Sunny Sunflowers

Soft Garden Roses and 'Hearts' Roses: While we also carry the classic looking roses, Garden Roses have more fragrance, and have the soft textures and appeals of Peonies while being available most of the year round. 

Soft Garden Roses

'Hearts' Roses - Red Garden Roses

And here are a few that only come to us once in a while:

Incredible 'Rose Lilies' (double versions) and Bi-color Oriental Lilies: Fragrant, like stargazers, the textures and variety options are wonderful - we carry these varieties when we can, and are always checking with our growers to know when new varieties come out:

 Rose Lilies

Peonies: Nostalgic, fleeting seasons, glorious... Did you know they come in so many different colors, especially when they're in season?!

Pink Peonies

If you'd like notifications when we have Peonies available, or what to know more about their seasons, click here to sign up!
Helleborus: Delightful, long-lasting garden flowers (as long as the water is clean and clear)
Helleborus - woodland flower
Lilacs: Nostalgic, fragrant - I have a Lilac Legacy from my Grandfather - there's a Lilac Garden named after him at the Arboretum at the University of Wisconsin. Sign up for notifications when Lilacs arrive or are available for pre-order here.
Parrot Tulips: Shown here after about a week, or more, completely open. An incredible flower!
Parrot Tulips, completely open
Bleeding Heart:
Bleeding Heart

And then of course, we are always looking for creative ways to design and display them. Again, we have our classic designs on our website, and every week, if you were perched up on top of our shelves, you'd see designs that might not ever be created again!

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