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May 29, 2017 1 min read

Memorial day weekend is a wonderful time for of the Year for me to enjoy being outside. I love being outside!
In the spring and fall when the weather is really lovely, there are lots of weddings and events that want flowers so I'm working crazy hours. And not enjoying my own backyard as much as I would like.
So I have an unusual annual tradition of Enjoying my backyardsleeping outside in the backyard on our guest bedroom mattress at least once or twice over Memorial weekend. It's glorious and wonderful for my soul!! 
Some years, we have beautiful temperatures all day long and I can stay outside all day. And this year it's going to be hot! So I took advantage of the early morning, then transitioned inside.
While eating breakfast, and contemplating this beautiful rhododendron, I realized again personally the power of flowers in our home. Flowers bring nature inside! So good for our souls.
This renews my passion for flowers: cut flowers and plants inside really are even more important In the heat of the summer here in Arizona!
P.s. check out the story about our rhododendron blossoms this spring.
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