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July 23, 2020 2 min read

Who knew that sending flowers could bring about a deeper relationship with business colleagues and clients? Listen in to Kyle's story:

Kyle Finney, Interior Solutions:

"My predecessor joined God’s Garden Treasures’ Membership. As I came on board with Interior Solutions, she introduced me to Karin and the MVP networking group. Recently, the networking group celebrated with me about a really large contract we were recently awarded. Later as she and I were talking privately, Karin took the time to ask details about how the process had gone, and asked clarifying questions. I got to tell the whole story of how three people really helped me with insights that helped me and my company win the contract.

When Karin heard that, she suggested that with the Floral Membership retainer still available from our membership that we send a thank you to all three of them. I thought it was a fabulous idea, and was grateful for her suggestion. I was so caught up in the project, I hadn’t really thought about it. And even if I had, I’m not sure I would have had time to figure out what to do or how.

As we talked, we found out that one of the people that really helped me quite a bit was also someone that Karin knows well, being one of Karin’s clients. Karin and her team could create a design based on what she already knew of the client's style and aesthetic. All I had to do was confirm names, addresses, and my card message. Karin took what she knew about her client’s preferences in flowers and style, and delivered three different arrangements, one unique to each person.

[Above are the 3 arrangements we delivered] 

They were thrilled and reached out immediately in appreciation, and have even invited me to breakfast with them! This was the best decision and brought a heightened feel of collaboration and good-will, even excitement about working together on the long-term project. Who knew that flowers would bring such a turning point in deepening working relationships?! I’m thrilled about the impact of God’s Garden Treasures’ Floral Concierge Membership on our business relationships, and looking forward to more very soon." 

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