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Can't I just go online and find a local florist over there myself? 3 Questions to help you when ordering flowers out of state

March 27, 2018

Can't I just go online and find a local florist over there myself? 3 Questions to help you when ordering flowers out of state

Yes, of course! And be smarter about it.

The internet is so seductive, isn't it - we feel powerful to do all kinds of things ourselves. And sometimes that's awesome and great, and sometimes we get in over our head and don't even know it.

Some Online Companies Masquerade as a Local Florist

For example, there are now a number of online florists who masquerade as local florists. Some call them 'order gatherers.'

For example, recently, I took a call from a woman who asked me right off "Why did you deliver my flowers? I ordered them from a local Phoenix florist, but not your florist." When I looked up the order by the recipient's name, I saw that it came to us from a florist who had a California address. The sender was shocked, and so was I. Some businesses use online advertising to get people who are wanting flowers delivered in Phoenix to place an order on their website, and yet are not a local Phoenix florist.

The Society of American Florists shares on their website: "Not all “local” florists are local. Some out-of-state telemarketing and online firms pose as local florists. These companies mislead consumers into feeling they are ordering flowers from a local florist, but without their knowledge, are being call-remote forwarded to another state. These firms charge higher fees and take business away from legitimate local florists. Consumers are deceived into thinking they are doing business with a local company when they’re not."

Three Questions to ask before ordering online:

Buying flowers out of state is one area where you may want to think about a few things to make the best decision to support your goals.

Here are a few questions that will help you decide for yourself when you want to go online and look up a local florist in the area where the flowers are to be delivered:

First: Time:

"How much time do I have to vet the florists that Google serves up? How much is my time worth?"

  • if it takes 30-45 minutes to do the search, go through all the websites, and make sure they are actually a local florist who will deliver, and then find out if they will be able to create the kind of design I want, do I have that time and patience? 

Second: Know-how:

"Do I know how to identify a true local florist?"

Here are some tips: Look for an actual address on the 'about us' page. Check out their social media accounts. Do they have a local phone number or just an 800#?

Do you have a clear idea of what you are looking for or would you like guidance and ideas?

Third: Goals:

Next, identify your goals - Do I want as many flowers for the cheapest price, and the style of design and customer support doesn't matter as much? Or is my goal to have the most emotional impact and in the process have the support of a florist who knows me?

The answers to this question can lead you to the most appropriate type of florist to choose.

  • If getting the most flowers for your money - ie, 2 dozen roses for $39.99 - is your goal, and you don't really care if you can ever talk to a person about it, then ordering from one of the websites that offers those kinds of deals is probably just fine.

  • If you're more concerned about interesting, distinctive flowers, and a deep emotional impact, or really touching their heart with a design that reflects their style, then go with a professional, local florist. We are happy to support you and we'll make sure what's important to you is clearly communicated and embraced. 

How we can help:

We are not looking to become another order gatherer. We also realize that many of our clients really appreciate our support in having flowers delivered in other parts of the country, so we provide this service for our current clients. Here are ways we can help, in addition to the tips above:

  • We can suggest a florist for you to talk to directly. [help you do it yourself]

  • We can also do it for you

    • gather all the information from you, provide our above-and-beyond services helping you with  your floral or gift selection, your card message and more

    • As usual, we'll ask the questions we ask when we are assisting you with your local floral order, for example about their style and personality, or their decor, or hobbies and interests. For example, at Mother's Day, we'll ask: "what room will the flowers spend the most time in and how is that room decorated?" and help you make a selection that really blesses them!

    • We'll talk to and interview the florist who will hand-deliver it for you, communicating to them all the pertinent details.

    • We make sure they will appropriately take care of you.

When you want to invest in your treasured relationships out of state, we are here to support you however you want that to look. 


So if you don't have time to make sure your flowers are hand-delivered by a local florist, call us or order here on our website. If you're already one of our clients, we'll have your information and preferences on file, so it can be a very quick, easy process.

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