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Celebrating Family, Love, and Faith at Easter, Passover and all Spring!

March 27, 2018

Celebrating Family, Love, and Faith at Easter, Passover and all Spring!

Ahhhhh, spring! That sweet-smelling time of year when new life blossoms and creatures great and small emerge from their cozy confines to frolic in the sunshine. As the spring holidays of Easter, Passover and Mother’s Day approach, it’s time to think about the gift of flowers and of decorating your tables with the bounty of fragrant and beautiful flowers the season provides.

As you gather with family and friends around a Common Table, Hearts join and memories are shared. Floral experiences engage sight and smell and touch and deepen the memories you are building. Imagine a stunning centerpiece brimming to overflowing, whether in a Lush Garden Style or exploring creative Floral Artistry in new ways to bring surprise and delight.

Easter and Passover - holidays where families reconnect, where spiritual celebrations marry with friendly gatherings and celebrate the mystery of spiritual life breaking into daily life. They are both times of remembering the past and celebrating the impact of these historical events on today's life. Are you familiar with the stories of Easter and Passover? If not, here are two great resources to engage more deeply: for Easterand for Passover.

For Easter, the tradition has been the White Easter Lily but there many more colorful varieties of lily to choose from. There’s the fragrant Stargazer and the Tiger lily with its fiery orange flowers to name just two. And in addition to lilies, Tulips and Hyacinths, Hydrangea and Sunflowers, even Roses are appropriate for Easter. The possibilities are endless! And some prefer all white, following after the pattern of the church liturgical colors. Some prefer pastels, and others brilliant colors. Including a cross or even a statue of Jesus is a wonderful way to affirm your loved one's faith.


Passover, a happy holiday that is all about freedom and joy, brings the opportunity Vibrant Passover Flowersto fill homes with vibrant arrangements to match the spirit of the occasion. Families and communities come together to remember and gather hope for the future. This is the perfect time to enjoy brightly colored Irises, Hyacinths, Cherry Blossoms and more. For families with a large gathering, multiple smaller arrangements, one for each table, make the whole event festive.  


Or maybe you are gathering with friends for a spring celebration of another kind and want to increase the joy of the experience with beautiful blooms that make everyone smile! Flowers add life, warm hearts and smiles to all spring occasions.

Or you love the sweet peas, peonies, lilacs, tulips, ranunculus and other amazing spring blooms and just want to enjoy them! We are curating the best of the spring flowers just for you. And we'll take special orders for your favorite.

We make it easy for you - we offer flower delivery throughout Phoenix and valley-wide, so no need to add another trip to your already busy week. We can also support you in delivering flowers to family and friends out of state. For your own table, let us know how your home is decorated and any special colors for this event, and then also the size and shape of the table. 

For any spring event, Easter or Passover, flowers are a wonderful hostess gift  when you are invited to someone’s home. What a wonderful way to thank them - and here's a tip: let them know the flowers are coming so they can check that off their list - and let us know how their dining room or home is decorated and we can create a piece to coordinate with the context and the occasion.

No matter where you live or travel to for the spring holidays, God’s Garden Treasures can enhance the experience as you gather around the table with loved ones. Just imagine the gorgeous color, fragrance and distinctive design of one of our spring centerpieces.

God's Garden Treasures, Luxury Florist and Floral Concierge at the intersection of Art, Heart and Nature.

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