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July 11, 2018 1 min read

[updated 11/1/2021]

Did you know that there are eco-friendly containers for floral arrangements? They are great for personal gifts, event and wedding centerpieces, wedding ceremony flowers or almost any floral design where you want to express love for the earth, or have a value of sustainability.

Rich Lilies and Roses in Recreations Pot

Refined Rustic Pots Crafted from Byproducts from the Furniture Making Industry

"Made with recycled paper, each ReCreations container is infused with ingredients from the earth, from pale flecks of Field Straw to richly textured Natural Bark to the verdant hues of Fresh Basil. The result is a collection that is strikingly beautiful."
These environmentally-friendly flower containers compliment a rustic,  earthy style or theme. Since they are water-tight, they are wonderful for planters also.

Click here to see the supplier's website. The  creativity for using them is endless.

Give an original creative flower arrangement they’ve never seen before, and feel great about the origin on your gift!

We are still able to purchase these in a limited supply.