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Feel Fabulous about showing appreciation instead of guilty

November 16, 2019

Feel Fabulous about showing appreciation instead of guilty

A week and a half away, we get to put our work down for a few days to gather, reflect and recharge.

Are you feeling stressed about showing appreciation this holiday season?

Here's one quick tip to get started in showing your gratitude to your stakeholders:

1. Find something beautiful and inspirational to focus on visually, mentally, or experience. 

Here are a few resources to help give your mind a break

2. While you're pausing to relax, quieting your mind, ask yourself what special client or vendor or stakeholder or shareholder you are most grateful for.

3. Take the initiative and reach out with gratitude.

Finding time is at a premium and sometimes good intentions don't get acted on. And then you feel guilty, and the weight of guilt weighs on you.

If that's you, maybe it's time for us to talk about our membership where we make it simple, easy, and fun again to express appreciation. How much easier to turn implementation over to someone!

We're your 'secret weapon' for feeling fabulous about showing your appreciation instead of guilty.

Here are simple steps to making your appreciation gifts come true:

  1. Decide what 'tier' clients will receive gifts, or at least have a general idea of who you would like to thank.
  2. Ballpark your budget for each tier - we can help you! Focus your budget on the ones who generate 80% of the revenue for your company.
  3. Schedule a short call with Karin here - she will walk you through 2-3 questions, and then will know which membership is best for you.
  4. Sign up for the membership with Karin.
  5. Send over your gift information (she'll walk you through that)
  6. Get phone calls of thrilled clients and referral partners!

More resources:

5 Tips for when flowers make sense for business gifts.

Good gifts gone bad... the story of one small business owner (spoiler alert: happy ending!)

Appreciation builds long-lasting relationships and grows your bottom line


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