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June 26, 2018 1 min read

How do you find your happy place and your soul opening place when you're in the midst of the grind of marketing and sales and financial juggling of Entrepreneurship? For me, one of those places is taking advantage of the renewable resource of amazing plants in my environment.

I'm so grateful that before I started this business, I gardened while recovering from health challenges.  The many perennials planted 17 years ago have amazing foliage and accents.

I'm now reaping the benefits of these as I take a few moments in the mornings to both provide interesting textures as a backdrop to our flowers and find some soul opening, 'dirt under the fingernails' healing in my yard.
Foliage and greenery from my yard
I love foliage textures on the one hand, and then love designing with them sparingly also, using them as accents instead of the main structure. The shades of green are inspiring in their contrasts, and bring you in touch with nature. I love having a few sprigs of greens in collected bottles on my kitchen window, too, for that connection.




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Floral Concierge at the Intersection of Art, Heart and Nature.