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Six Tips for Longer Lasting Flowers

May 17, 2017

Six Tips for Longer Lasting Flowers

Here are my favorite tips for enjoying your flowers now that you have them in your home:

First, change the water regularly! Keep the water clear - I always say, "If you don''t want to drink the water, neither do the flowers!" You know, those floaties, and the yellowing, cloudy water... not healthy at all. Did you know it''s the bacteria in the water that kills the flowers well before them just fading naturally?

Second, keep them out of direct sunlight. While most plants growing in pots enjoy sun, and even need sun to bloom, cut flowers will mature more quickly, or get over-heated when in direct sunlight, and blow open or grow limp.

Third, keep excess foliage out of the water - the small leaves and textures that look wonderful at the top of the stems in your arrangement are a happy home for flower-killing bacteria when they are under water.

Fourth, use the flower food provided - it is a scientifically balanced formula of flower food and anti-bacterial. In laboratory and ''regular people'' tests, flowers have been shown to last 40-70% longer in water that has flower food. See the effects for yourself here. And better to have clear tap water than add sugar, soda, or bleach. Sugar and soda feed the flowers, and they also feed the bacteria. Bleach will inhibit the bacteria, and if too strong, will damage the flowers.

Fifth, clean your vases really well and disinfect them, either by running them through the dishwasher, or bleaching them with a mild bleach solution (and rinsing thoroughly of course), or using anti-bacterial soap. If the water has turned cloudy, washing not only the vase, but also the stems, really helps keep the bacteria in check.
Sixth, when you receive a taller arrangement, after a week or so, cut the stems shorter, give your bouquet a different look, and help the blooms last longer by giving the water a shorter distance to travel up the stem. 

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