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April 23, 2019 4 min read

Whether you realize it or not, there’s a certain vibe that greets you when you walk into your office. Your experiences there, combined with the sounds, smells, and colors create feelings that can linger long after you’ve called it a day.

Have you ever been in an unrelated place and gotten a whiff of something that reminded you of your office? If that reminder made your palms damp or sent a wave of anxiety over you, you know change is needed. It’s not good for you, and it’s certainly not what you or your employer has in mind. They want focus and productivity, and so do you.

So what can you do to zen out your workplace to create an atmosphere that inspires the best you have to offer? Here are a few simple tips:

  1. Clear the Clutter - Clutter is a physical and emotional manifestation of chaos, the opposite of the zen feeling you need. Papers piled high, stacks or piles waiting to be put away, things that need to be thrown away, or things that shouldn’t be there at all put a strain on your mind, keeping it from flowing the way it should. Schedule out some time to put things in order. The next time you walk into your workspace, you’ll feel lighter and freer.
  2. Color Yourself Calm - Certain colors have a calming influence on uPhoto by Matthew Henry for Bursts. Take some time to consider what colors bring a sense of peace to your mind. You may not be able to paint your workspace, but you can introduce your favorite colors with a few functional objects like desk accessories, art prints, a throw tossed on the back of your work chair, or a bouquet of your favorite colored flowers that sit in your line of vision.
  3. Remove Bad Mojo - If stressful or negative things have happened in your place of business and you just can’t seem to shake the memory, let the renewing power of nature give you a hand. Having live plants in your office have been shown to provide many benefits. They clean the air naturally, increase productivity, help reduce noise levels, and boost creativity. The sun is also a natural healer. Clean the window, open the blinds, and let the sunshine in! Download nature sounds like running water, birds singing, or waves crashing and play them quietly at your desk. Their soothing sounds will help you focus on the work at hand without being a distraction.
  4. Pump up the Positive - Bring in momentos that remind you of the best parts of life. Family pictures, a shell you found on the beach, or a fragrance that reminds you of home are all simple reminders that although your work life is important, it’s not everything. Connections to meaningful places and people nurture our souls and help us feel more well rounded.
  5. Swing for the Senses -  Find small but significant ways to stimulate all of your senses, right there in your workplace.
  • Sight - Have something pleasing to look at nearby. It might be a fresh bouquet, a colorful print, a found object, or a piece of art.
  • Smell- This one can be tricky in an office space, but indulging in a little aromatherapy can be done. A fresh, unlit candle gives off just enough fragrance for you to enjoy, but it won’t permeate the entire office. A drop of essential oil in a small diffuser is also subtle. Fresh flowers, always a favorite, are a beautiful way to introduce natural aromas.
  • Sound - There are lots of great nature sound playlists available if that’s your jam, but classical music or other genres might be just the thing to spark creativity. You’ll have to be mindful of your co-workers, but it’s worth it to explore sounds that you can enjoy.
  • Touch - Play with a balance of textures in your office. Balance out the smooth surface of your desk with a woven lampshade. Place a soft shag rug on the floor, or a velvety throw over the arm of the sofa.
  • Taste - Flavoring your water with a slice of citrus, snacking on a few frozen grapes, or keeping a stash of dark chocolate on hand might be just the thing to keep your mouth and your creative juices flowing!

The office is a place where you sink considerable amounts of mental energy into creating, problem solving, innovating, and cooperating. Make it a place that inspires you to do your best and a place that imbues good vibes.

Finding ways to zen your office doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. And the rewards will be well worth the effort to your heart, your soul, and your bottom line.

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