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April 04, 2019 7 min read

After 15 years in the floral industry, we are using our knowledge, experience, compassion, talents and to launch an industry-changing service that will change your life! It is a Floral Concierge Membership and it is designed to transform your business and personal life forever!

Would It Change Your Life if You Could…

  • Show thoughtfulness and appreciation easily, effortlessly, and beautifully
  • Say goodbye to stress and anxiety or rushing at the last minute, not knowing if your gift is good enough
  • Experience the ripple effect of the magic of an amazing floral experience that captivates and creates an emotional memory that lasts for months and even years
  • Make an impact with your clients, family or romantic relationships
  • Never have your gifts fall flat

We are excited and proud to introduce you to this foundational aspect of our cutting edge Floral Concierge Membership program. As an award-winning designer who's supported thousands of people over the years and creating a magical experience for themI’m excited to share the wealth and wisdom. You deserve to feel really awesome, enjoy and delight in the process as much as the person who receives your amazing flowers. 

As we are launching our membership, we want to share our 'Secret Sauce' that we create to create magical experiences for our clients and their recipients.

In this video, I'm sharing the magic of matching the style of the arrangement to the style of the person so that they see something of themselves in the arrangement.

I'll teach you how you can do this yourself and think through who they are and what are they like. Then, go find something that fits them. At busy times and when you want support with a unique floral gift, of course, we are here for you.


Below is a synopsis of the rest of the video in  written form, for those who want to read instead of listen.

The challenge I'm addressing here is that often when someone wants to connect, thank or reach out, maybe a client to thank, or someone who referred you business, or even a family member, and you're not sure how to make an impact. Maybe you're not as familiar with the person as you might want to be. 

Here are some practical steps you can take to figure it out.

First, think of someone in your mind right now that you want a better relationship with - more energy, excitement, you want them to remember you - think of someone specific Now...

  • Call to mind their surroundings, where you’ve seen them
If it's a personal connection, you might have been in their home or with a Business Connection in their office, 

    What do you remember seeing? It might take a moment to be really still and quiet to remember because you might not have consciously noticed while you were there and yet there probably were clues that you can pull up. 

    • Maybe as you wait a moment and visualize yourself in their office again, you remember that you saw a family picture with Hawaiian clothes or a Hawaiian view. 
    • Perhaps you saw their kids involved with soccer
    • How about a really beautiful piece of artwork or was it
    • Gorgeously designed office – Was the decor modern, mid-century, country, eclectic…etc.?

    Those are all clues that we can use to match the style of the gift to the person. 

    In a professional setting, you might not have been in their home or maybe not even been to their office, but we know with the Internet, we have other resources. 

    • Check out their company website. What are their brand colors? What does their Logo look like? 
    • What does their about us page say? How do they describe the work that they do? 
    • And even more obvious is what profession are they in? 
    • What have you learned about them on social media? Do they have a certain hobby or interest? 

    These are all really amazing clues that we can use to match the style of their gift to the style of the person or the company. 

    When you take a few steps of extra care, it really makes an impression. Take time to implement these, and the ROI of your gift will dramatically increase. In business for example, what financial difference would it make for one of your clients to refer another client to you? 



    What happens when you have done some research? How do you use this with flowers? 

    Right, so now we have something in mind about the person - but what if the clues don't seem to have anything to do with flowers?
    • For example, if the person you're sending flowers to is an architect and they create really creative innovative structures for their clients who are in a creative or an artistic field, we want to make sure that piece includes more structural, creative artistic design.

    If it's a doctor or a lawyer and they have a very traditional office, maybe we can even see pictures of the office on their website. We can pull out colors from the decor and/or artwork and select a piece that fits in there space beautifully. We select a design that is more lush and full - a nod to traditional design while still standing out. 
    For someone who is outdoorsy and free-spirited, we definitely don't want to send a design that's very contained and controlled. We want some wildness and freedom of movement and texture in the design.

    When the recipient sees something of themselves in the flowers, the emotional impact goes deep in the heart and creates an emotional memory that lasts. We call it Floral Magnetism.... or a transformational Floral Experience.


    Clients tell me that weeks or months after delivering flowers to someone, they are still raving about the flowers when they see them!

    For example, one time I was making follow up calls to recipients to see how their experience was. I thought I was calling a list of people who received flowers recently, and somehow a woman’s name got on my list. We’ll call her Wendy. 
    I called Wendy and she exclaimed immediately, “I know who you are! You made the flowers I received for my birthday.  They were amazing! That was 6 months ago – I don’t work at that company any more, and I still remember vividly how all my coworkers had to come by to see them. I felt so special, and I remember it like it was yesterday.”



    Memberships are popular, so it makes sense to have a Floral Membership. And yet, some people don't feel like it applies to them, because they don't understand it, or because they don't feel like they order flowers very often whether personally or professionally. 

    • True, those who order flowers more frequently will benefit more. And yet, we don't want to leave our current clients behind as we make this transition. That's why I am reaching out to you to let you know I'm thinking about you, too, and want to know what one or two benefits would mean the most to you.
    • Our ideal clients for our business/corporate memberships are:
      • salespeople or business development professionals
      • account managers
      • marketing managers
      • HR and executive admins
      • Owners and team members who are responsible for and regularly are called on to find the perfect gift
      • for you, we bring preferred pricing and make engaging your clients easy, simple and flawless.
    • Our ideal clients for our 'Keep Her Happy' Memberships [such as Keep the Wife Happy, Keep the Girlfriend Happy, Keep Her Happy while Planning your Wedding] are men who are dating, engaged or married. 

    And we want all our current clients and new connections to have access to preferred pricing and the insider scoop, so we have created membership tiers for those that are occasional flower givers as well.

    Know that we have your back when you want to take their breath away when you want to express your deep appreciation and gratitude or when you want to get out of trouble with a client or in a personal relationship flowers can really be transformational and we're here to help you make that happen.

    This will give you peace of mind and excitement about the ways that you're investing and nurturing your relationships because you have our magic and our professionalism behind you. 

    It is nothing short of amazing the way our clients feel supported when they let us tap into the personality of a person or business and match their style with the right flowers, arrangements and accouterments. Your gift will make such an impression, create a long-lasting memory and build a strong connection with the receiver, you will exceed the desired outcome whether it’s branding, goodwill or appreciation of a client or celebrating a special occasion, you will be the one that is remembered.

    Do you want an excited phone call, “WOW, this is amazing!” 

    OR are you settling for a 'that's nice...' response to your gift?

    The Floral Concierge Membership has you covered when you want to take their breath away, show deep appreciation and gratitude. It offers a sentiment that truly reflects their personal style and portrays you as the person you want to be in their eyes. This is THE way to step up your game and rise above the dullness and humdrum of the everyday gift-giver.

    Stay tuned for more tips and insights. Very soon I'll be sharing:

    • for business professionals: tips for getting your foot in the door, getting someone's attention or opening up either mind/heart before a meeting with them [ie walking into a warm, welcoming conversation rather than a typical 'I'm staying protected from your sales pitch' response.
    • for Romantics - you want to depend your romance and touch their heart.
    • explain more about the two types of membership and get your feedback

     I have one request - can you please comment below:

    • What part of the tips I shared helped you the most?

    Also I would love to get your feedback/insights about our membership:

    1. What are your questions or concerns?
    2. What you absolutely must have in a membership?


    Want to learn more about how this all started? How I became a florist...