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March 24, 2022 3 min read

What happens when two businesses with similar creative interests collaborate?

They bring energy into each other’s businesses and they engage with their own clients who receive inspiration and an amazing experience!


Karin has personally experienced this chemistry when she worked together with Shannon from Kiss Me Kate! They collaborated to give Shannon’s clients a unique experience - Flowers and Fashion Everywhere! This artistic and creative collaboration was limited to a few clients only so they can devote their focus on everyone there and be totally hands on the process.

Collaborative Inspiration

This flower arranging class drew inspiration from Shannon’s trendy and fashionable clothes in her boutique. She displayed her fabulous collection right outside her boutique where the class was going on to spark the participant’s creativity. What’s so amazing about this? Shannon got to engage with her clients without really asking them to purchase her clothes. What a unique way to market her brand! 

Shannon was such an amazing host! She was a ball of energy pulling everyone up with her high spirit and liveliness. Not to mention she went all out on food! She prepared an awesome lunch and gave treats and beverages before, during, and after the class to keep everyone going.

Karin was so delighted to partner and collaborate with Shannon. Her taste in fashion is incredible and the gorgeous flowered dresses, jackets, and shirts inspired her to source and bring in the best blooms for the season - ranunculus, anemones, rose lilies from California, frilled tulips from Holland, blossoming arugula branches locally, and lush ming fern.

How the class played out

To start the class, Karin first created a demonstration arrangement, explaining the color palette options, artistic design principles, and how to use floral foam in the bamboo boxes provided. Next, each person selected their flowers from the recipe provided and their color palette of choice - mixed bright colors, muted tones, two colors only, and so on. Then, they created their own interpretation of Flowers and Fashion inspired by Kiss Me Kate’s beautiful fashion, the flowers, and their own personal aesthetic. We were all so delighted to see how unique each person’s design was even though we were all using the same blossoms.

Everyone got to take home their flower arrangements and they also got a $50 gift certificate to shop at Kiss Me Kate. What a treat! It’s an understatement to say everyone had fun and got their money’s worth!

Business Benefits from the Experience

  • A unique interactive experience for Shannon's clients
  • Client engagement without really asking them to purchase clothes (or for us, without asking our clients to purchase flowers)
  • Client nurturing
  • Brand promotion, both in inviting people and also with the people who walked by that day
  • We both had the opportunity to introduce each other to our people, so both ended up with introductions to new potential clients

Tips for Creative Collaborations

Here are a few tips for creatives collaborating, whether in a flower class or on another type of event or project:

  • find a season of the year where it benefits both of you to increase engagement (typically a time of year that's not already busy)
  • find a creative topic or focal point that resonates with both of you
  • both invite your 'tribe', followers, clients
  • for events, select one of your locations or a different location (maybe to partner with a local restaurant or gathering spot to support them too?
  • If your business isn't based in creativity, you can also benefit from a creative experience and collaboration - mutual introductions are great!

Another Sip 'n Snip Flower Class story

Karin also collaborated with Pam from BluSky Restoration for a flower class held at the Biltmore Lifetime Fitness with this amazing view! Pam ordered in a lovely happy hour spread with a custom beverage.  She also got to engage with clients and prospective clients and stay top of mind with her memorable experience. Stay tuned for more about Pam’s amazing class - with how-to tips!

If you’re interested to get updated on upcoming flower classes:

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