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Flower Trends Forecast for 2019

January 08, 2019

Flower Trends Forecast for 2019

Happy New Year! We’re so excited for this year and all the amazing floral experiences on the horizon for 2019! As your Floral Concierge, professionally we keep learning and growing so that you are well-served. Here are a few of the flower trends that are being forecasted for the coming year. Which one do you identify with? When you skim these, which clients of yours come to mind? Enjoy!

Flower Trend Forecast for 2019

Flowers often follow Fashion and other human trends. The 2019 Flower Trends Forecast reflects the brightness we are all seeking, and the desire to connect with nature, as well as to be bold in the face of challenges. Luxury flowers also are highlighted, and artistic, creative design enhances each trend’s color palette.


Forest Walk

"Forest Walk- Nature yields her deep secrets." Perfect for your client who is a naturalist, work in an environmental field, or who you see pics of hiking or outdoors on social media.

The Forest Walk trend style is dominated by dark yet bold tones: lush greens with a hint of blue or brown, amber yellow, and shades of plum and burgundy, alternating with muted neutrals. Vines, branches, pods, ferns, berries, grasses, mushrooms and field-stones are all naturals for floral designs to complement the look.  Learn more on Forest Walk Trend

Ethereal Bliss

"Ethereal Bliss - Finding calm and comfort." When clients or friends are stressed, or when there has been a challenging life event, giving in this trend palette shows that you care and are connected. 

Soft pinks and other misty tints, sub-fused with light warm grey, dominate the Ethereal Bliss Palette along with rich warm base tones.  Learn more on Ethereal Bliss Trend

Hear Me Roar Trend

"Hear Me Roar - Style steps out, powerful and provocative."  Making a bold statement of style has never been easier! When your client has an outsized personality, loves dramatic design, or is a trend-setter, you'll make your own bold impression with this design trend.

The Hear Me Roar palette is well suited to structured, sculptural design—design that answers the craving for distinctive décor with a look that is clearly hand-crafted, not mass-produced. 
Learn more on Hear Me Roar Trend

We’d really like to know so we can keep getting to know you better  - comment on our  blog , or send an  email,  or a  Facebook  or  LinkedIn  message and let me know which trend you like best!

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