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April 26, 2021 2 min read

Sometimes there are just those special occasions when you want to go ALL OUT - flowers, sweets, treats, gifts, a special meal. Because we're in the gifting business, we want to share with you our 'inside scoop' of some of the great companies we can collaborate with to make the celebration extra special. 

Here are 7 tips for you:

ONE: When you order a gift online, have it come to our studio and we'll deliver with the flowers or send to arrive the same day as the flowers.

Order a special gift from any online retailer, or at Bella Cadeaux, a new high-end 'Gift Experience' company we're partnering with.

[Note about the deadline for flowers to coordinate: 10-14 days before delivery to be safe]

TWO: Create a Photo card with your favorite memories and either send to arrive the same day as the flowers, or send to us and we'll deliver with the flowers.

 Select your favorite 3-5 photos and upload into a card that will be sent in the mail to her (use this link to send one for free on me or set up a free account to send a 2-foot oversized card!)

[Note about the deadline for flowers to coordinate:7-10 days before delivery be on the safe side]

THREE: Cater in Lunch from a Professional Chef

Cater in Lunch with Benedict's Catering

[Note about the deadline for flowers to coordinate: 7 days before delivery ]

FOUR: When you're going to a Restaurant, have flowers arrive before you


 If you're going out to a restaurant, we can deliver flowers to arrive before you do and be placed on your table

[Note about the deadline for flowers to coordinate: 2 days before delivery]

FIVE: Add your own Customized Box of Macarons 

Order a specialty box of delicious Macarons from Woops!

[Note about the deadline for flowers to coordinate:2 days before delivery]

SIX: Order sweet treats or a cake from a professional baker

You'll be glad you did! We love many bakers in the valley and the one we've worked with the most for this kind of gift is Silver Rose Bakery. Their creativity is amazing and they have wonderfully creative cakes, cake pops and other treats. Their cookies were a huge hit with a corporate client last year, too!


[Note about the deadline for flowers to coordinate:  typically 10-14 days, sometimes 7 days or less, depending on time of year ]


SEVEN:  Order Wine, Champagne or Craft Beer to add to the festivities


We have sourced a local wine and craft beer purveyor who will provide wine or champagne, or craft beer, to be delivered with your flowers

For more information about our wine and beer service check out the link below: https://www.godsgardentreasures.com/blogs/flower-delivery-news/new-offering-wine-and-champagne-with-your-flowers-or-gift?

[Note about the deadline for flowers to coordinate: 2-3 days before delivery or more if you are looking for something very specific]



cover photo credits:

Honeymoon Sweets Bakery - https://www.honeymoonsweets.com/
Photo by Jessica Ahl: https://www.instagram.com/p/CN-rROInfk9/