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November 07, 2019 2 min read

A fun Fashion color trend making its way into flowers this fall

Teal and Coral, Blue and Orange... the teals that started showing up last spring are here in full 'bloom' (pun intended). We are seeing it emerge in the fashion world this fall with a new emphasis. Flowers often (usually) follow fashion and this is no exception. It's so fun to experience the season with a fashion-forward twist.

Recently, two of my friends who are all part of a business women's group, wore this color palette in two different tones, and seeing them both the same day made me pay more attention and realize yes this is a trend! And why not for flowers?

Kay & Nancy wearing teal and coral

Interior Designers are playing with the trend, too, from fabrics and mood boards:

To whole rooms!


We've embraced the Teal and Coral trend!

While there aren't a lot of florals and botanicals that are actually teal, there are a few. And a great way to embrace a trend is with a vase in one of the dominant colors.

In the spring, teal and light blue vases started trending, and we're taking advantage of them to enjoy this fall trend. We've sourced new vases, including two that are hand-blown art glass - an amazing gift in themselves!

Teal Vases for Flowers

And we're enjoying creating different floral arrangements - Floral Art really follows fashion! Since there is a limited variety of light or teal or medium blue flowers, the vases are a fun way to bring the teal in, as is eucalyptus, a strong trend right now, too, or succulents.


We're calling this collection: Desert Dreams

 The trend can be interpreted in floral design in many ways.

One is in the softer range of colors, like these designs, one with the teal vase, and one with softer teals with succulents and erygium (thistle):

Or Bring in more neutrals and textures, like this wedding bouquet from one of our October Brides:

teal bohemian bridal bouquet

The trend can see the teals be brought in very softly and more of an accent with the pale teal foliages.

 silver blue foliage and paler peach tones in the roses.

And then there's the bold and beautiful corals almost trending to oranges, and a bold, saturated teal to support it, like this design:


Some people want to embrace the teal, and put their own twist on it. We're supporting them too!

One of our Members supports a charity, and provided centerpieces for their gala. Their invitations were Teal and Burgundy, so we created these succulent planters as the centerpieces for them.


 And teal and yellow are across from the color wheel, so it's a vibrant way to enjoy sunflowers, with a nod to the teal trend!

What Desert Dreams do you want to celebrate? I've love to hear how you feel about this trend, how you find that color trends find their way into your life. Comment below!

Order a Desert Dream Collection Floral Arrangement - treat yourself, or one of your favorite fashionistas!

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