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July 31, 2019 1 min read

What I mean here is to use common sense with flowers, like you do with your children. For example, when it’s hot out, don’t leave the flowers in your car without the air conditioning.



Keep your flowers in a  temperature comfortable for you. In the rest of the year, we’re not concerned with flowers being in the temperature of our home. Here in Phoenix, most of us have air conditioning and keep our homes a moderate temperature. So when you’re comfortable your flowers will be too.

If you turn the ac to a much hotter temperature when you leave, you may have some issues, of course. Your options are to ask your florist for a shorter arrangement that can easily fit in your refrigerator, to place your bouquet in the coolest room in the house while you are gone, to ask for or purchase flower varieties that handle the heat better (the subject of another blog post), or to keep your house cooler when you have flowers in the house.

More tips for flowers in the heat here.

Secret tip - don't deprive yourself of flowers in the summer - the one idea everyone is amazed about! (and it doesn't cost anything!)