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July 08, 2022 3 min read

I love what our Margaret, one of our clients, says: 'I love blessing people and making them smile! Flower deliveries are a wonderful gift that help me communicate how special they are to me. And I love the care you give and how long the flowers last, so they can enjoy them longer. What a positive impact, and lasting memory!'

In the heat of the summer, perhaps you're wondering, "How do my flowers get delivered to my recipient?" or "Do I need to find out when they're home or when the best time is in order for you to deliver them?" 

And especially when it's hot outside, you might be concerned. Heat can be an issue in summer, spring, fall, and even in winter with our intense sun in enclosed cars!

Whether you are a member and pre-schedule your special gifts, or are more spur of the moment with your flower orders, we make sure your flower arrangement and message gets to your recipient on time and in perfect condition.


For our delivery process, we take on all the logistics because our priority is always to make it easy for you and make a delightful and luxurious experience all the way round for both you and the recipient. We value your romantic floral gifts as much as you do. 

We love to share our flower delivery protocol to help ease your mind about your gifts, and give you confidence.

Here's a quick run synopsis of our delivery protocol:
1. We ask you questions as you're setting up your membership. You decide when the deliveries will happen and your communication preference (example when it's a surprise). It's up to you how it happens! For single orders, we'll have a quick chat or email about delivery if needed.
2. We prepare the flowers enough ahead that they and the vases are completely cooled in our flower cooler before the delivery.
3. When the delivery date arrives, we secure them carefully into a cooled vehicle, and keep the AC running at all times.
4. If there's no one home, then we'll walk the flowers back to the van, have the cool air running on them, and make some calls or send a text message.
5. If they're away from home, we ask whether they have a preferred neighbor to leave the flowers with.
6. We always leave a voice message letting your recipient know where the flowers are.
7. We wait for your recipient in the van where the flowers are kept cool if they're just around the corner.
8. If you don't know whether they're working from home or the office, or when they're going to be home during the day, we can coordinate with them about the best delivery address with your permission.

When you're concerned about flowers in the heat, and a high level of care for your special gifts, we're here for you. With our Membership, you get exclusive access, and we really get to know you and your style. Then we take our professional knowledge of flowers, and consider not only their style, your preferences and also the season of the year to ensure your gifts make a stunning impact every time!

More questions about flower delivery? check out our FAQ's 

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