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October 09, 2019 1 min read

People ask about fragrant flowers all the time - why don't roses smell any more? Is there a way to get flowers that have fragrance?


Yes! There are many fragrant flowers! We carry a few varieties all the time, and for our members, special orders are always possible. 
Listen in...
"If you want the best smelling, longest lasting flowers get them from God's Garden Treasure. The shop was a little hard to find because it was tucked away in industrial area. I went in and had no idea what I wanted but I did have a budget in mind. I gave the florist my budget and what the flowers were for and they did the rest. The questions they asked me helped them get an idea of what they should put together for me. The final product was really pretty and OMG I can not even come up with enough adjectives to describe how awesome the flowers smelled. They didn't just smell for a day or two either. A week and a half later and they still smell wonderful. When I was carrying the flowers to their final destination everyone I walked by made a comment about the fragrance coming from the flowers. If you're looking for flowers, I recommend giving this company a try. I am so glad I did. I will be a repeat customer for sure!" Google name: fullajoy365