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July 07, 2022 1 min read

The heat has arrived in Phoenix, and many people think that they have to avoid flowers in the heat of the summer. Read Debbie and Jean's stories here - and learn our 'secret' tip for soul nurture in the summer.

Today’s tip is to select flowers with waxy surfaces. The waxy surface helps hold the moisture in the flower, so it lasts longer and has more staying power.

Some examples:

Flowers that hold up well in the heat

  from Calla Lilies

  to Asiatic Lilies (non-fragrant) and Oriental Lilies (highly, sweetly fragrant)

  to Orchids (most of them, except the Phaleanopsis Orchid as a cut flower)

  to Bird of Paradise and all the tropical flowers

  to Spider Mums

  these flowers will take care of you and make you look fabulous!

Check back for more blog posts – with more tips on flowers in the heat!

… and to watch for our segment on Your Life A to Z  on the topic, Flowers in the shop now, and to tell us YOUR stories about flowers.


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