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June 17, 2022 3 min read

Women typically receive flowers on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's day, etc. Because why not? Flowers are often associated with femininity - it's beautiful, fresh, scenty, and colorful. Bouquets and floral arrangements are definitely a go-to gift for her! But did you know a lot of men want to receive flowers too? You might think he's too masculine for that, but men have a soft spot too!

Father's day is coming this Sunday, June 19th. It's been customary for the third Sunday of June to be dedicated for fathers. It's a day to honor him and all his work for the family. Not just your real dad or husband of course! It's a celebration of all the father-figures out there - step-dads, uncles, grandfathers, sons who've built their own families, and even single dads and those who stood by single mothers!

If you've been thinking about sending him a unique flower arrangement for Father's Day that describes how cool he is but you're hesitant at the same time because you think it’s not "masculine", then here's your sign! Being in the flower industry for decades has taught us in the business that flowers are also a great way to his heart, especially when you choose one that conveys your gratitude and appreciation.

Flowers are also an image of strength - they are delicate yet they battle through the extremes of nature to bloom. Sounds like your dad, huh? Fathers are just like flowers too in a sense that they also need constant attention and care to thrive. We need to water them everyday, talk to them often, and trim the weed. Just like our relationship with our husbands or dads, we need to nurture it so it becomes the best version of itself.

Here are a few tips for giving flowers this Father's Day:

  • Choose the right color. Men usually go for solid colors like red, yellow, blue, and orange. They typically don't go for feminine colors like pink, purple, or fuschia. 
  • Choose the right shape. Unlike women, men usually want flowers that have strong lines, and strong at first glance. They could like something architectural OR more wild and outdoorsy OR tropical.
  • Choose large flowers in the arrangement. Big blooms, long stems, and large buds usually attract men's attention over small and soft flowers.
  • Alternately, send a house plant or succulent garden.
  • Complement your flowers with a gift. Go all out with your personal floral gifts and complement it with something he likes - food, watch, tie, his favorite video game.

We recommend you go for:

Bamboo Getaway

Birds of Beauty

Sunflower Sunburst

Here's more from our Father's Day Collection and our plants collection.

One of the greatest gifts in life is someone we call "dad", "pops", "papa", "hubby". Flowers make a bold statement, so make sure you convey your message with a striking arrangement. It's important that you choose one that best suits his personality. As we celebrate him, let's not forget that honoring him is not a once in a year event, but a daily one. Express your love, gratitude, and care for all that he's done for you in the best way you can. Happy Father's Day!

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