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November 04, 2021 3 min read

As a business owner, you must realize that relationships with your clients and employees will always need maintenance. It's the little things like remembering milestones, showing appreciation for a job well done, or congratulating someone that keep healthy relationships thriving.

These simple gestures are often forgotten because the focus is on other aspects of the business. So be mindful of different ways you can maintain healthy relationships. Doing something simple like sending flowers to help celebrate milestones or say thank you will go a long way.

Having strong professional relationships with clients and colleagues is critical to building a successful enterprise. Healthy business relationship practices can be broken down into three principles. All three are equally important in sustaining good working relationships:

  • Proactively establish clear expectations from all involved parties at the beginning of your relationship.
  • Always keep people informed to ensure the best decisions are made.
  • Do not make assumptions.

If you want to be successful in business, you need strong relationships with your professional contacts. You have heard the saying, "it's not what you know but who you know." That is very true and often overlooked by business owners who are over-confident and think they can do everything themselves.

When you have developed these professional relationships and nurtured them, you do more and more business because the people know your ethics or morals and how you handle situations. This is where your reputation comes into play. A good reputation is priceless and provides endless opportunities. An individual can accomplish a great deal but think of how much can be achieved when people collaborate and share their knowledge, ideas, and resources.

Why having a good business reputation opens doors.

The first step toward getting ahead in business is creating a substantial business network. The more people that hold your company in high regard, the more likely others are to do business with you or refer you to other potential customers. A sturdy, professional reputation can open doors that might otherwise remain closed because of stiff competition or an absence of connections within the industry. Having a clean, professional reputation provides access to opportunities that would not exist otherwise.

Building relationships with other professionals is critical for success.

Business relationships are something that business owners should constantly be maintaining. As a business owner, you need to make sure you nurture your professional relationships by maintaining good business communications with them at all times. This helps create trust between both parties, which makes everyone feel supported in the partnership. It also helps new business ventures get off the ground easier because they will already be a supportive relationship established from day one.

Cultivating business relationships is not complicated, but it does take time and effort. You should constantly work on improving your business communications with other professionals that you network with. This includes sending thank you flowers for business referrals or meeting up to discuss how things are going in your professional relationship. Communication is key.

Maintaining strong business relationships is advantageous for company culture and profitability. So it is crucial for business owners to understand how healthy business practices apply within their industry context.

Sending a floral arrangement to strengthen a business relationship is unexpected but is always welcome. Here are some examples of when sending flowers would be appropriate:

  • Brighten up your business partners office
  • Showing concern when you know of a health issue or death in the family
  • Help a colleague celebrate a milestone or new venture
  • Remind an old business contact that your company is still around
  • Welcome a new client
  • Share gratitude for a referral
  • Thank a teammate

Sending flowers is a time-honored tradition that can help maintain and strengthen business relationships.

Flowers are often the first gift given to celebrate an engagement or marriage, and they are also frequently sent as thank you gifts for referrals and to show employees appreciation. It's important to note this is not just about sending flowers - it is about building meaningful connections through a memorable floral experience.

A simple way to strengthen a business relationship is to send a gift that will be remembered and appreciated.

 When you want to show someone or a company your appreciation, giving a floral gift personalized to their aesthetic is attention-grabbing and memorable. As the saying goes, "flowers speak." They convey what words cannot say. Floral arrangements usually catch people by surprise because they are not expecting them.

With our Floral Memberships, you can personalize the floral arrangement to fit their aesthetic and artistic tastes, their personality and/or brand. You have a simple way to build a system for showing appreciation that is as impactful as it is easy. 

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