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Holiday Centerpiece Tips

November 01, 2012 1 min read

When you are ordering your centerpiece, here are some things to think about ahead of time: your personal style, the overall feel of the event, the decor of the room and the area of home or yard, so that it all flows and it all feels like you! To grow the budget for the flowers, consider taking your favorite bowl or container to the florist for them to create the flowers in, or if you want a look you don''t have, ask about renting the container(s)!

Start with your color palette: would you like to go traditional colors, either bright or more muted, or shades of pomegranate, cranberry and/or chocolate? Or would you like to select a color palette that is fashion-forward?

Once you have selected your color palette,consider the size, shape and décor on your table''''

Your florist can also help you think through the final vision - they may have ideas to fit your style and colors that you haven't considered! Call and ask them!

And once you know the overall look, be prepared to talk with your florist all the details about the colors, style, the feel of the event (formal or informal). For more details, go to our old blog post: What to tell your Florist when you order Holiday Centerpieces

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