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September 21, 2017 2 min read

Are you in the midst of thinking through holiday gifts for your top clients, and want to stand out and not sure what direction to go? You want something a little different, something that will really touch the heart and nurture your relationships?

  • For B2C Companies with a strong relationship focus: send a Thanksgiving Centerpiece and be part of the conversation.  People always ask, where did you get the flowers?'

  • For B2B Companies, have your holiday Flowers hand-delivered just before the Company's Holiday Party, Fall Open House, or Grand Opening. Make an impression with their team and their guests - again you're part of the conversation. It will likely be prominently placed in their Reception Area afterwards. And address it to your main contact and they can take it home afterwards. Lots of people will hear about you!

  • Send a Holiday Treats Gift Basket that is structured so that your card or logo stays inside so when it's unwrapped and as people enjoy it they see your card. We have resources for local companies for our members.

  • For multiple smaller holiday gifts, use a mug with your logo and ask for a holiday arrangement to be created featuring botanicals that are very long lasting. Great options are cedar, pine, pine cones, and holiday ornaments that will last for weeks throughout December. There may be someone in particular that is your main contact person that you may want to make feel special. These little gifts go a long way toward your future relationship.

small client gifts

  • Take the same idea with the mug and plant a small rosemary 'tree' that can be planted outdoors in Arizona. 

  • Select a Holiday Wreath, created from magnolia leaves, or festive greens from the NorthWest, and it will hang on the door of their office the whole month! Customize the decor to your logo colors - or theirs. 

  • For your top tier clients, our members have the option to send a customized Holiday Floral Arrangement.

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