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August 02, 2019 3 min read

Many of you are nurturing relationships with clients because you want to express appreciation and build long-lasting relationships. This week, we are exploring tips for building stronger and more profitable, win-win relationships with your business connections, leading to more referrals and happy long-term customers. [In case you missed our blog post/email last week, here’s a link to the flower care tips for purchasing flowers fresher, and how to care for them so they last longer.]

Building profitable relationships

Relationships are the building blocks of profitable business development and business owners and sales professionals often find it difficult to think of ideas for how to build those tighter connections.

Developing business might feel like a real struggle, but in reality, all it takes is fostering human connection and taking a genuine interest in others.

Today, we’re going to share some simple tips you can use to connect deeply and create positive, profitable business relationships. If you use these tips consistently, you can drive profitability for your business with less effort and less hustle.

As I’ve learned from clients and helped businesses with their gifting, I’m learning how much more important this is then I’ve ever thought it could be. I’m growing and learning from you, so I wanted to give back some of the top tips I’ve discovered.


How to build deeper connections in your business relationships

The tips below are considered the building blocks of profitable business development. The first one is about seeing through your customer’s eyes when you talk about how you can help them. You can use this messaging style in a business conversation, while networking, during a business presentation or even while posting to your social media accounts.

#1 Highlight how your business solves a problem from the customer perspective - how does your service help them achieve their goals?

Jennifer Kahtz, owner and creator of Emotive Pull Communications. She is a gifted connector and a master at crafting emotive messaging that gets results for her clients. She provides an example of how to transform a message from feature-based to customer-focused.

This how most businesses communicate what they do: 

“I have a company called 
Emotive Pull Communications 
and we do marketing for clients.” 

It’s logical and it makes sense but does it get the response and interest you want? Notice that it’s also very matter-of-fact. When you speak from the customer perspective, you can intentionally add value. Here’s what it sounds like to describe your business in a customer-focused way:

“Emotive Pull is a marketing consulting firm. We grow businesses six to ten times with a proven messaging strategy that connects their hearts to your products or services.”

Notice how we added value from the customer perspective.

Here’s what I used to say about God’s Garden Treasures:

“God’s Garden Treasures is a floral concierge and delivers 
unique floral designs all over the valley.”

Now, after working with Jennifer, this is how we explain who we are:

“God’s Garden Treasures is a luxury floral service that delivers distinctive artistic 
designs so you can create a deeper connection with your most treasured 
relationships and create stronger business relationships, which will ultimately lead to consistent referrals and steady business growth.”

Do you see the difference? Relating to the customer perspective can impact your response, your revenue and ultimately change your business outcomes.

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