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How to build profitable business relationships ~ Tips for standing out with your clients 

October 04, 2018

How to build profitable business relationships ~ Tips for standing out with your clients 

Flower Tips last week

People want flowers to last longer because of their emotional impact. Last week we shared tips for flower care to increase their longevity and tips for buying flowers in a retail setting, plus a video including Karin's Rose 'hip test.’ The Rose 'hip test' explains how to check the maturity of the flower before you even buy it - an important step in any purchase.

In case you missed our email last week,   here’s a link to to the flower care tips.

Many of you are sending flowers to clients because you want to express appreciation and build long-lasting relationships that lead to more referrals and happy long-term customers. This week, we are exploring tips for building stronger and more profitable, win-win relationships with your business connections.

Building profitable relationships

Relationships are the building blocks of profitable business development but business owners and sales professionals often find it difficult to think of ideas for how to build those tighter connections.

Developing business might feel like a real struggle, but in reality, all it takes is fostering human connection and taking a genuine interest in others.

Today, we’re going to share some simple tips you can use to connect deeply and create positive, profitable business relationships. If you use these tips consistently, you can  drive profitability for your business with less effort and less hustle.

As I’ve learned from clients and helped businesses with their gifting, I’m learning how much more important this is then I’ve ever thought it could be. I’m growing and learning from you, so I wanted to give back some of the top tips I’ve discovered.


How to build deeper connections in your business relationships

The tips below are considered the building blocks of profitable business development. The first one is about seeing through your customer’s eyes when you talk about how you can help them. You can use this messaging style in a business conversation, while networking, during a business presentation or even while posting to your social media accounts.

#1 Highlight how your business solves a problem from the customer perspective - how does your service help them achieve their goals?

Jennifer Kahtz, owner and creator of  Emotive Pull Communications. She is a is a gifted connector and a master at crafting emotive messaging that gets results for her clients. She provides an example of how to transform a message from feature-based to customer-focused.

This how most businesses communicate what they do: 

“I have a company called 
Emotive Pull Communications 
and we do marketing for clients.” 

It’s logical and it makes sense but does it get the response and interest you want? Notice that it’s also very matter-of-fact. When you speak from the customer perspective, you can intentionally add value. Here’s what it sounds like to describe your business in a customer-focused way:

“Emotive Pull is a marketing consulting firm. We grow businesses six to ten times with a proven messaging strategy that connects their hearts to your products or services.”

Notice how we added value from the customer perspective.

Here’s what I used to say about God’s Garden Treasures:

“God’s Garden Treasures is a floral concierge and delivers 
unique floral designs all over the valley.”

Now, after working with Jennifer, this is how we explain who we are:

“God’s Garden Treasures is a luxury floral service that delivers distinctive artistic 
designs so you can create a deeper connection with your most treasured 
relationships and create stronger business relationships, which will ultimately lead to consistent referrals and steady business growth.”

Do you see the difference? Relating to the customer perspective can impact your response, your revenue and ultimately change your business outcomes.

#2 Take a genuine interest in their lives

Now that you know how to speak to a client from their perspective, you’ll want to deepen the connection in meetings, which will build trust quickly.

When you take a genuine interest in your client’s life, they will respond to and connect with you. I learned this from a local gal named  Margo Brown, Productivity Coach and owner of  Wave Productivity When she meets people in person, she always takes a genuine interest and  asks them about their hobbies and interests.

Margo shares, “If you learn your client loves local coffee shops and you see a new one in your local area, you can share it with them and let them know you’re thinking about them.”

Ask yourself, “How many business development people go to this level of thoughtfulness?”  Imagine what this could do for your business growth. This is a simple tip that can deepen your bond by showing people you care.

When you take an interest like this, it also makes an impact because you’re showing your prospects that you care even before you get the business opportunity. Connecting like this gives them a positive impression of what it’s like to work with you.


#3 Do exactly what you say you’re going to do  

This tip was new to me and comes from  Jana Gutierrez-Smith. She has always been a top performer and during a recent interview, she explained, “When you do exactly what you say you’re going to do, it builds trust and credibility. This specifically applies to connecting with a cold market.” 

She continues, “When I call a prospect or customer, I often mention a follow-up time and date sometimes months in the future. I then put the information in my follow system. When I call them exactly at the time I had said, they are often super impressed."

This tip focuses on reliability and trust. When doing this, you’ll knock their socks off! When you do this and get a result, you’ll feel fabulous. What’s more, you’ll see that you have captured their attention, which will ultimately lead to more appointments and more interest in what you have to offer.

#4 Coming from a “givers gain” mindset

One of the greatest ways to build long-term business relationships is reciprocity and giving from a place of genuine service. This is something I learned early on as I learned from experienced networking groups like BNI and eWomen Network.

Whether you are in a networking environment or you’re meeting with a potential client, always ask yourself how you can support them. Always think, in the back of your mind, “How can I truly help this person?”

Or, you may want to ask them outright. When you sell something like flowers - like  I do - they often think you’re trying to sell them something. I’ve learned to ask them, “Who are your ideal clients or best referrals?” Or I’ll ask, “What projects are you working on now?” or “Are you looking for any resources?”

Some examples of giving:

  • Pass along extra tickets to an event your business sponsored, especially if others in the room are their ideal clients or referral partners.

  • Give your clients exposure to the whole room by sponsoring centerpieces or referencing them in your email communications

  • Share tips in the comments section of your blog or Facebook

  • Connect with them and share ideas on how you can help solve an issue. Make introductions to resources that will help them achieve their goals.

  • Give a referral that is meaningful for them.

As Zig Ziglar so eloquently stated, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Giving others resources or support in achieving their goals is a great way to build reciprocity.

In the competitive world of relationship building,  building strong relationships is crucial for business development, referrals, and profitable connections.  People buy from who they know, love, and trust, so following these tips could really make an impact on your business growth. 

Remember, taking a genuine interest, doing exactly what you say you’re going to do, and giving from a place of service will show your customers you truly care. By communicating how much you care, you create a loyalty and an unbreakable bond with another human being. That’s the secret to building deep, long-term relationships.

Please comment below and share your experiences and tell us about the response you get when you try out these tips. Your success is important to us and we want to grow and learn with you, too!

As you build relationships, at some point whether for the holidays, a special occasion, or to express appreciation, you decide that giving gifts to clients is a strategic proactive step to deeper relationships. It builds loyalty and reciprocity. And you open a whole new set of questions and decisions to make. We are one step ahead, and have future emails and blog posts with gift giving tips for all kinds of occasions and types of gifts. Stay tuned!

Since we’re florists, we want to jump to the point right now where once you decide that flowers can really help you with your client relationship building, and This comes with its own set of challenges.

  • You look online and the florist websites are all the same,

  • you call in but aren't sure what you want,

  • or maybe you even venture out to look and see,

  • and the inexperienced clerk, on the phone or in person, just asks you what you want and how much you want to spend.

  • but you don't even know what exactly you want - you just know the impact you want to have.

Stay tuned for solutions to these challenges and for our special announcement - finally!

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