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December 22, 2020 1 min read

Can anyone relate?

I've been stressing about getting gifts to people around the country that will be meaningful and will touch their heart.

Gift cards are easy and a blessing and somehow don't feel as special as when you've put personal thought and Care into a gift.

The aha moment for me, even after 17 years of being a florist, is to give a gift card...

I'm giving myself the grace to go easy, AND to put thought and care into a floral arrangement for a florist in the area of my family members to put together! Ahhh feels great!

Here atGod's Garden Treasures Florist our main focus is in the Phoenix area and did you know that we also do provide the service of flowers across the miles come across the country and even across the world?

We know how to talk to florist, how to interview them and take the information we already know about you and make it simple and beautiful for you to give a stunning floral experience outside of Phoenix.

How can we make your last minute holiday gifts, or gifts throughout the year, simpler and create a stunningly beautiful memory?