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May 02, 2019 1 min read

When we remember our Moms, sometimes in their luxurious beauty, they seem like exotic creatures. Then at other times they are really down to earth and taking daily life in stride. Many people might have only seen one side of them or the other and not realized how interesting and amazing they are. As we grow up, our Moms reveal their multifaceted personalities and their amazing, intoxicating, comforting presence. 

Tropical Nouveau

As your Floral Concierge, one of our goals is to continue bringing you new collections that inspire. We are introducing TROPICAL NOUVEAU, inspired by our wonderfully complex and beautiful Moms, and by @Hitomi Gilliam, a world-class floral designer. This intoxicating blend of tropical and temperate flowers fills our souls with emotions that are exciting, adventurous, and exotic! 

We will continue to improvise new designs with these amazing flowers so stay tuned as we will be posting pictures as the new designs unfold!

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