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December 03, 2018 2 min read

Peonies are available again!

Our nostalgia for peonies... ahhh... we remember them in Grandma's yard, billowing with soft petals and incredible fragrance.

"Peonies bring me back to living in Boston and having beautiful gardens blooming with all colors and varieties. They were the flowers I used for my wedding bouquet 22 years ago, and their blush elegance and beautiful scent always remind me of that day. I love receiving them and giving them too for special moments!" Jodi D from Atom, Inc 

You might have even seem them in one of the grocery stores - for a few weeks, some have them - including us! And did you know that for the few weeks before and after they are in retail outlets, we have access to them through our professional florist wholesale chain.

Shopping last night, I saw pale pink peonies available. Checking with our wholesale floral supply chain, we can also get them in a deep fuschia, burgundy and white.

Tips for purchasing peonies in a retail setting:

With peonies, sometimes it doesn't matter how long they last - you just want them when you can get them! Other times, you want them to last as long as possible. When you're out shopping, and you see peonies, how do you know if they're fresh?

  • Peonies typically are cut at the growers in a tight ball, typically the size of a golf ball. They open over time into a full bloom, soft and fragrant. If the tight bud is nicely colored, and not browned or dried on the outside, they are fresh.

  • Also look at the foliage - is it green or brown? If it doesn't have any foliage, or it's spotted, really soft or slimy, that's a warning.Most plants will prioritize the flowers over their leaves as they mature.

Peony Season and Source:

We are seeing peonies now, and will be throughout the month of December, into early January. As you might know, they are a warm season flower here in the Northern Hemisphere. Right now, Chile is our wonderful peony provider - purchasing them, you are supporting local farmers such as Platinum Flowers in Santiago, Chile.

Enjoy your peonies during this Christmas season!

p.s. We just sent an email to everyone on our peony notification list letting them know to look for them! Here's the link in case you would like to be added, (we'll also email you the seasons and sources throughout the year).

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