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Random Acts of Flowers - One client's story

July 21, 2017 2 Comments

Random Acts of Flowers - One client's story

I met Bridges years ago, and we have seen each other on and off. We reconnected this spring at an amazing invitation-only women's group, Women At The Top. Bridges' enthusiasm for life is amazing!

In WATT, we often will share our business development ideas or get feedback on projects we are working on. As I shared Random Acts of Flowers with the group, Bridges immediately caught the idea. She wanted to treat it a bit more strategically as she had received a number of referrals lately for Get Organized with Bridges. She also had recently started bringing estate sales under her umbrella of services. She was looking for a meaningful and creative way to thank those who referred the business to her. 

Bridges' goals for her gifts:

  • something fun,
  • long-lasting flowers
  • colorful
  • expressing the zest for life that she has

Carrie Leary with Schuster Print Marketing facilitated the logo-imprinted mug, and we sourced and designed the arrangements.

For her design, we were inspired by her logo and sourced long-lasting flowers in bright colors, featuring movement. And here we are! Her ' Branded Floral Design' is shown here, and is a design she can refer to over and over again.

We are holding the rest of her mugs at our studio, with her imprinted cards for a personalized message, for the next referrals that come her way.

What fun to bring life, energy, and happiness into business relationships!

p.s. 2019 update: Bridges reports that her clients and referral sources are thrilled with the gifts. Her clients feel more connection to her, and she has seen more business come her way because of them. 

Branded Floral Designs are available to our Floral Concierge Members only.

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matheiu robine
matheiu robine

July 04, 2019

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Prairies & Petals
Prairies & Petals

September 26, 2018

So many lovely roses.I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

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