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July 23, 2020 1 min read

We are so honored to report that we were nominated for Best Florist in Ranking Arizona, the 2021 Edition!

This recognition is shared by our whole team as we work together to make a difference in homes, offices, and companies around the valley. In this time of distancing, our clients appreciate the way our distinctively designed flowers give them a way to draw closer to loved ones, and to recognize the team members and business colleagues who are making a difference. We love bringing joy, delight, and beauty into our clients' lives.

We are grateful to be recognized for the impact we are making in the community in homes, offices and business growth.  

Only the top 25% or so made the nominations list and we feel truly honored to be considered.

2022 Update: We've now been named in the top ten florists of Arizona 3 years in a row, once at #6 and twice at #3. We're grateful!

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