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February 15, 2017 2 min read

[Update 11/1/2021]

We're all learning to recycle, reuse, and repurpose. We all want to support our planet and be responsible people. And we all want to clear the clutter in our lives! [how many of you have a shelf of vases that you rarely use?]

And gentlemen, maybe you want to stretch your budget by either using a vase you already have, or by recycling with us a few vases you have and don't use. Pick out a nicer one that you'll display in exchange. 

We're set up to support either way.  Why not clear out that cabinet full of vases and ceramic pots/planters that you never use?

Here's how it works:

We'll give you $10 for every 5 vases, containers or pots.

You can bring them to us or we'll pick them up (we'll take 5 of the vases as the pickup fee as long as we can schedule it when we are in the area).

We'll email you a gift card you can apply to a future purcase or flower class.

Treat yourself twice by cleaning up and giving yourself a nice treat!

This benefits everyone - you have more space in your cupboards; we are not purchasing as many new vases, thus reducing carbon footprint, particularly for the shipping of the new vases. 

Any vases we can't use, we donate to Treasures4Teachers, a non-profit that provides art and classroom supplies to any teacher. 

And of course we wash and bleach them so when they go out they are clean for the next person. 

Call us at 480-603-7673 to either schedule a time to bring your vases by our studio at 48th Street and Broadway (near Tempe Diablo Stadium) or to arrange for us to pick them up.

Or reach out on our "Contact Us" page

We will take ANY kinds of vases, and here are some styles that we are particularly looking for right now:

Clear Rectangles and Cube Vases, from 4: to 10" - straight sides, modern look


Gathering Vases, with or without feet, and a variety of widths


Clear Cylinders, from 5" to 20" tall, varying widths

Taller vases with feet, or without, for larger-scale designs

and we LOVE anything that is hand-blown, we also love ceramic - low pots, vases, and we love hand-created and modern looking vases and containers.


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