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Revive your romantic relationship this Valentine's Day!

February 11, 2019

Revive your romantic relationship this Valentine's Day!

How to revive your romantic relationship this Valentine's Day.

You might be in trouble. Perhaps the connection between you has become stagnant over the years and you both need a revival.

Maybe you feel you can have a great life with her   if you can just figure out how to pick the lock and learn the combination  that creates the love and connection you’re longing for.

One ingredient to learning the combination is being thoughtful and flowers are a great tool to show and convey that.

Sending flowers can revive your relationship for years to come.

Here’s how and why it works.

  • When you have flowers delivered to her work, everyone gives her attention and compliments her on them. This brightens and makes her feel special for a whole day.
  • Sending flowers also fills her emotional love bank. Each time you send flowers and show that level of thoughtfulness, it builds more love within her mind. Especially when the design connects to a style where she sees herself, giving a deeper feeling of love.
  • When you make a mistake, if you’ve built up the emotional love bank by giving flowers, you’ll have a cushion for quick forgiveness.
  • Sending flowers also cements your relationship because it sets an expectation, communicating you’re different from other guys because YOU go above and beyond.

The most impactful flowers are the ones that have meaning. The ones that speak to her because they remind her of herself and her own style. There is nothing more connecting than a recognition of seeing someone for who they are.   Don’t just send any arrangement, send one that connects deeply.  Create a smile for years and years to come.

'Wow - I want to do this, and I'm not sure where to start - can you help?"

Whether you want to connect deeply in a romantic relationship, we have a   team of people who are trained in matching the right style with the right person and we are happy to help.  Make this Valentine’s day a memory for her that will cause her to smile for years and years to come by sending something that will touch her heart.

Have Fun Ordering Early - Call us, and we'll have more time to help than in the rush of the last minute purchases

Or if you’re looking to deepen your relationship in a business context, you can rely on our professional expertise to communicate the right message during this or any season. Ask about our memberships that will support you in nurturing your treasures business connections throughout the year.

Below are three collections we have curated for you so that your flowers show you go above and beyond, too!

'Hearts' Roses for Lovers

There will be no mistake that you're giving them your heart with distinctive 'Hearts' Roses! A close look will reveal the beauty of these delicate flowers. Romance will be deepened with a creative flower arrangement they’ve never seen before!

Large, full blooms have layers of ruffled petals that spiral out from the center of the flower. The petals have a vivid red hue, perfect for romantic in you!

Click here to browse all our Valentine's Roses

Garden Romance - Shakespeare in Love

Connect deeply with her feminine side, and fuel the passion for beauty and fragrance with a beautiful Garden Romance Floral design - lush, full, overflowing with love. Make a deep connection by reflecting who she is in your gift.

Click here to view our Valentine's   Garden Romance Collection

Bold Love - Inspire his or her creative side!

A perfect fit is a stunningly Bold declaration of love shown here in Birds of Paradise - or step even further into her 'flower language' with a stunning, artistic display of her favorite flowers!

Click here for our Bold Love Valentine's Collection

Reach out to the Lonely

One of our really fun clients sends flowers to 2-3 widows or women who are lonely or don't have family in the area.

Touch Hearts

Another client, one of our members, is asking for enough small arrangements that each team member at their neighboring business will have flowers for the holiday.

We also get asked questions like: 'What kind of specials are you running right now?'

  1. Order early and ask for delivery on the 12th or 13th for savings on delivery - delivery on the 14th is a premium!
  2. We are offering Head-turning, Stunning designs and specialty flowers so your value is amped up way beyond the average flower purchase.   We work hard to bring in specialty roses (our 'Hearts' Roses in red, cream and sunset colors, plus Lavender Roses, specialty fragrant flowers) and stunning design
  3. Perks for you because you are on our email list:   If you haven’t received or used your thank you gift for being on our email list, you have $15 that you can apply - if you can’t find the email, click below.

Another Special Offer: Become a Member

Would you like preferred pricing and special access to our design team? Do you like being pampered with an extra level of care from the companies you do business with?

You might be blessed to become a member!

Not ready to order yet, and want to explore more about God's Garden Treasures' business in general?   Click here

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