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June 22, 2022 2 min read

The usual dinner dates get boring at some point and you find yourself thinking, "How do I level it up?". Well, you can celebrate any occasion with a flower arrangement class! 

We understand how challenging it is for you to come up with a unique date night, look for new avenues to share your passion, express your love creatively, and explore new ways to keep the sparkle in your relationship. Surprise the love of your life with a flower experience like no other.

Recently, 3 couples came to our Sip N' Snip Flower Class with LDV Winery and Benedict's Catering. Just look at this lovely couple have fun working together and show off their beautiful take-home floral arrangement! What a unique dating experience plus a gift to bring.

On top of that, they enjoyed the amazing food and drinks served especially for our Sip N' Snip Classes. 


Here are a few romantic tips to level-up your dates with a Floral Experience like this:

  • It's a meaningful surprise - take them somewhere they've never been, and they don't know where or what. Plus, it's a total package date with a take-home flower arrangement, food, and drinks. 
  • You'll both enjoy the arrangement for another week or more. And the memories will last for months, even years.
  • You get to know him/her better. Flowers and getting in touch with your creative side tell a lot about people - you might discover something you don't know yet about them, such as their favorite color, scents, taste, and find a new favorite variety of wine!
  • Flower classes are a unique way to spend your dates. 
  • You can make him/her blush by dedicating your own flower arrangement to him/her. 
  • You get to share your beautiful creations with each other, and the world!

A couples floral experience like this is a special way to spend time together, creating, learning, and loving. 

Plus, if you'd like to be the hero every time you send flowers, did you know you can get the important dates pre-scheduled and pre-planned? Nurture your relationship with your significant other easily with our Romance Floral Membership.


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