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July 18, 2019 2 min read

This week, 'Debbie', whose boyfriend orders flowers for her, called to order sympathy flowers for a co-worker. She loves our flowers and wanted to share the beauty in a tender life moment.

As we were finishing up, she commented that she told her boyfriend NOT to give her flowers because it's so hot. She wants the flowers at home, and while she's at work, she turns the AC up to a warmer temperature to save money. Don't we all?

She didn't want the flowers to die in the heat, either. Makes sense, right? And yet she was a little sad not to be able to enjoy them. 

Did you know that EVERY home already has the solution to this delimma?!

Of course there are multiple things you can do including selecting flowers that last longer, taking them to work with you (I've done that with my own flowers, from home to work and back again).

So what is this low-cost, easily accessible solution?

Put the flowers in your refrigerator!

If you have an extra refrigerator, move the shelves around a bit and you can still get in even a taller dozen rose arrangement. Don't have that much space or flexibility? Ask for or create a design that is short enough to fit in the shelf space you have.

Jean, one of our Members who has a subscription for flowers once a month to treat herself, has been doing this - and last month she told me her flowers made it over three weeks!

So don't deprive yourself - pick up flowers in a grocery store, or ask us to deliver them to you - and enjoy them longer despite the heat! You deserve it. 


Four More Tips for flowers in the heat

How do you get your flowers to last longer?

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