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Sending Flowers Can Impact Your Romantic Relationship for Years to Come!

February 08, 2019

Sending Flowers Can Impact Your Romantic Relationship for Years to Come!

Sending Flowers Can Impact Your Romantic Relationship for Years to Come!

Men, did you know women have a longer emotional memory than you would ever expect.

You can see this as you watch her memories surface over the years. The downside is, mistakes aren’t easily forgotten.

The upside is, po sitive memories can be created  and impact your romantic relationship for years to come.

The act of sending flowers creates   warm emotions  in a woman that can stay in her long term emotional memory perpetually, especially when there’s an extra level of artistry, thought and consideration.

Karin says 'I can attest to this by sharing my own experience!' [who knew that the florist loves receiving flowers!??]

"When my husband sent flowers to me, the florist!, for Valentines, my heart   melted. He called my teammate and so was able to surprise me [I love surprises!] with my favorite flowers of the season in a design they knew I would enjoy..   He thought so much to go above and beyond. I felt special, loved and valued, and it lifted my spirit throughout the whole holiday as I was working hard. I still have the vase at home and every time I look at it, I feel such love and affection for my husband!"

Sending flowers gives a foundation of good feelings for the love you both share creating memories that last for years. It’s one of those acts you can do for your partner that will build up your bank account for long term positive emotional memories.

Don’t let Valentine’s day pass you by without an action that fosters a deep feeling of love that will last.

Here are two tips to ensure that deep emotional connection:

  1. Be bold and step outside the box- send her flowers in her favorite colors, and in a style that she rocks all day long. Or select an arrangement that mixes your style with hers. And we're here to support you - call early and we'll have plenty of time to support your creative process.
  2. Upgrade to a distinctive vase that you know she will love.

Show you go Above and Beyond ...

In your professional life, you're always doing your best, putting your best foot forward, going the extra mile, and looking for creative gifts that show that your thoughtfulness and caring.

Below are three collections we have curated for you so that your flowers show you go above and beyond, too!

Hearts Roses

There will be no mistake that you're giving them your heart with distinctive 'Hearts' Roses! A close look will reveal the beauty of these delicate flowers. Romance will be deepened with a creative flower arrangement they’ve never seen before!

Large, full blooms have layers of ruffled petals that spiral out from the center of the flower. The petals have a vivid red hue, perfect for romantic in you!

How does the rose's symbolism represent Valentine's Day?

Victorians used floral bouquets to deliver a message to love interests — that they were, in fact, interested. This system is called "floriography" and it officially solidified the rose's romantic status!   Click here for our Valentine's Collection

Garden Romance - Shades of Love

Celebrate her femininity and passion with a beautiful Garden Romance Floral design - lush, full, overflowing with love. Make a deep connection by reflecting who she is in your gift.   Click here for our Garden Romance Valentine's Collection

Bold Love - Inspire his or her creative side!

A perfect fit is a creatively styled rose arrangement - or step even further into her 'flower language' with a stunning, artistic display of her favorite flowers!   Click here for our Bold Love Valentine's Collection

Question, questions, questions...

If you feel are wondering how far our support goes - do we deliver? what days?, etc.... whether you want to designer flowers for your loved one now or in the future, here are some of the most common questions that I'd like to answer. Watch the video below!

We also get asked questions like: 'What kind of specials are you running right now?'

Order early and ask for delivery on the 12th or 13th for savings on delivery - the 14th is a premium!

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