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December 15, 2018 1 min read

"The thing they’re missing is the extra care that goes into what Karin creates. You see the level of care she puts into her creations and it conveys a different level of care for the relationship."  Felicia
"It makes me have more touchpoints with people. It’s a way for me to show people that I care. They might tell someone else they love going to see me because I really care about them. It might not be just because I sent them flowers, but it’s just one more way that I show I care and appreciate them coming to me."
"But, if it’s about a relationship and I’m trying to communicate love and appreciation I’ll buy something curated like what she does. The care that she puts into them is the same kind of care that I have for my relationships."
"There’s a big difference between having 40 flowers jammed into a glass vase, and receiving a creation from Karin that looks someone had really taken a lot of care with it. It’s experiential." Felicia
Felicia is the co-owner of Arizona Facial Plastics, one of the most innovative and client-centric aesthetics companies in the Phoenix area.
photography credit for cover photo: Jean Laninga Portrait

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