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Six Tips for Get Well Arrangements

May 18, 2017

Six Tips for Get Well Arrangements

When someone is sick, or had surgery, and you can't make it there to be with them, or want to reach out, flowers are often people's choice. Here are some considerations that your florist should be thinking about already, and for you to keep in mind when you order the flowers to be hand-delivered. Or pick them up and deliver them yourself!

1. Style Selection: Think about the person's style and personality - are they more bubbly, Sculptural Happinesscheery types or more soft, feminine in their style? Is he love sports or cars or cards, or is he more into design/architecture? Select an arrangement that will tell the person that you really thought of who they are when you select your flowers. When it reflects them, it's even that much more special!

2. Designer-arranged: When ordering online, be careful that the delivery will be already pre-arranged and delivered for them to just enjoy. Someone who is not feeling well or recovering doesn't want to have to unpack a box, try to arrange the flowers, etc. Think immediate enjoyment and delight!

Asiatic Lily closeup - www.godsgardentreasures.com3. Fragrance: Think about fragrance when selecting the flowers. During recovery from an illness or surgery, strong fragrances can be disconcerting or even difficult for the person who wants to enjoy them.  If their favorite flower is highly fragrant, like stargazer lilies, ask for another flower that is very similar, like the star-shaped Asiatic lilies that have the same shape and yet are not fragrant. Then once they've recovered you can send another arrangement with the more fragrant flowers.

4. Size and shape considerations: When someone is in the hospital, horizontal space Bamboo Getawayis at a premium, so ask for something that is only about 6-8" wide.  Sometimes the staff or family will place an arrangement up high or on a shelf where a really, really tall arrangement doesn't fit either. And in the hospital, or for someone who is recovering in bed, ask for a one-sided arrangement where all the flowers are facing forward instead of paying for flowers the person doesn't get to see. 

5. Watering: Ask for the arrangement to be created in a vessel (vase or ceramic or basket) with as large a water reservoir as possible, so that the recipient doesn't have to think about adding water every day, unless they are at that place in their recovery where having something simple to nurture is a good thing!

6. The Why: Emotional connection and support: Remember, when you send flowers when someone is recovering, you are sending them love, concern and an uplifted frame Flowers bring such joy!of mind. A Rutgers University team did research on the emotional impact of flowers. They discovered that "Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. All study participants expressed "true" or "excited" smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction was universal, occurring in all age groups." For more details and the full study, click here. In our words, flowers are a 'big box of happy'! And who doesn't get better faster when they feel better emotionally?!

Click here to see a few of our designer-recommended arrangements for your special Get Well gift.

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