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The extra steps that turned a generic sympathy flower gift into an extra special one.

July 10, 2019

The extra steps that turned a generic sympathy flower gift into an extra special one.

Flowers are all about people, relationships, and celebrating life. Sharing support in a meaningful way is also really important to our clients, and to us.

Here is the story of a sympathy arrangement sent by one of our Members, and how developing a relationship with your florist makes all the difference!

One of our members asked his admin to call and order flowers for a funeral. We asked the questions that allow us to work magic for our members, and the admin didn't know much about the man who had passed. We didn't recognize him either. Most florists would have left it at that and delivered a generic masculine sympathy arrangement.

Since our member ordered the flowers, we went the extra mile, and looked them up the obituary. When we did, we saw that the man who passed was the father of another member of ours! (We knew that this member had lost her father, and hadn't known his name.). I reached out by text to the daughter of the man who passed away and asked about her Dad, what they were celebrating about his life. She was happy to talk about him, and shared that he was an Arizona cowboy through and through, and loved the desert!

We took all this in and went to work creating a custom arrangement for the service. Below is what we created, and both members were thrilled and appreciated the support.

Arizona Cowboy Sympathy Flower Arrangement


The daughter gave us some clues, sharing that they were using succulents in the arrangements that were pre-purchased through the mortuary (which is why we didn't know about it before-hand - her Dad hadn't known us, and had purchased a funeral home package that included the basic flower arrangements). 

Bringing in the textures and colors of the desert, succulents, a couple other desert-friendly plants that they could keep, as well as a rope accent, his heritage was well-celebrated in this very personal gift from one long-time friend and colleague to another. 

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