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May 30, 2017 1 min read

We actually received these stems of Rhododendron (I believe from Oregon) right before Mother's Day. They came in as little tiny buds very tight almost with no color. Over the first few days, a few buds were starting to open into magnificent blooms. And then over  the last few weeks weeks, more continue to open and are maturing, and so we have the treat of these amazing blossoms!

Some moms received these at Mother's Day and also got to have this experience of watching the beautiful blooms open.

I love bringing in unusual, long-lasting flowers. You never know what we'll find, it's always an adventure.

Check out how these flowers helped me re-ignite my passion for the flower business.

And your home is your haven - here are a few tips for creating the space you will love: 

Five Ways to Zen Your Home to Spark and Inspire Love