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Three tips to the best Birthday Flowers!

February 22, 2017 1 Comment

Three tips to the best Birthday Flowers!

Karin here with three amazing tips for birthday flowers.

Instead of a specific section specifically called 'Birthday Flowers' we want you to explore and find a floral gift reflecting the birthday boy or girl! In addition to the thrill of coming to the lobby at work, or opening the door and receiving a beautiful piece of floral art, when they see something of themselves in the design, they feel even more special!

1. Keep in mind the style of the recipient - what will they enjoy the most?

  • Is he an architect or engineer? Check out our Sculptural Collection for inspiration.
  • Is she soft and feminine? Or a gardener? Peruse our Lush Garden Collection for the perfect fit.
  • If your birthday special someone is also a romantic partner, check out the Romance Collection for a doubly special gift.
  • For a co-worker, colleague or client, consider our Corporate Gifting Collection
  • For a chocolate-lover, make it even more special with a gift of flowers paired with gourmet hand-crafted truffles, lovingly created locally by Chef Kristen of Ktreats. We carry 5- and 12-count boxes that you can add on, or plan ahead and order a custom box from Ktreats, and we'll deliver it with their flowers.

2. What day of the week does their birthday fall?

If it's on a weekend, and you want them to still get all the love and attention at work, have it delivered a day or two early. If it falls on a weekday, consider delivering it the afternoon before, so it's on their desk when they first arrive in the morning (or even pull one of their co-workers in on it, and have it delivered to their attention to place it on their desk the morning of their birthday.

3. Keep in mind the rest of the day:

What other celebrations are happening? If co-workers are taking her out to lunch, or if happy hour is the plan, ask for delivery to the restaurant an hour or two before. 

We've also curated a collection of our most popular designs for birthdays here for you. Or if you're in a hurry, check out our 'On the Run' Collection - these designs are designed with flowers we always have on hand, and either are made daily to be available at the last minute, or can be easily crafted for quick delivery.

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Margaux Ford
Margaux Ford

February 26, 2018

I appreciate the advice on the perfect timing to give flowers to a birthday celebrant on a weekday. My colleague is celebrating her birthday this week, and since it falls on a Thursday, I think we’ll have it delivered Wednesday afternoon, so it’s on her desk when she first arrives in the morning of her birthday. She’s a lover of bouquets, and this will surely delight her. I’ll be looking for a florist to make a beautiful arrangement later. Thanks for the tip!

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