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February 05, 2020 2 min read

How often do you think about something over and over, stressing because you haven't done it?

Here are your options:

  • do it now
  • put it on your calendar to do at a specific time
  • delegate (or get the support of a professional)
  • decide not to do it

It's not worth the mental energy waste to keep thinking about it.

For example, ordering Valentine's flowers...

It's 8 days away, you can't change the date, it will come whether you are ready or not. You know you want to do something special for your Valentine or Galentine (yep, it's a thing! ).

What keeps you from going ahead and taking care of it?

~ maybe it's anxiety about making the right choice

~ maybe you know what you want to do and there are other challenges, like wondering 'how will I know she will really like the flowers?' Or 'will they get there in time?' Or 'will she think they're nice or breathlessly overjoyed?'

~ maybe it's time to plan... after all it's 2 weeks away

If you already know that you want flowers in the mix, and you want to take her breath away, click the link and do it!

Tips from the professional for a Romantic Valentine's:

  • select a style that fits her personality, she will see herself in the design and you will create a memory that lasts for months or even years!
  • ask for her favorite flower (include Rose's for a nod to the classic) ~ she will love that you are paying attention to her. [And let us know - we'll bring it in for you]
  • if you're all about roses, choose one of our specialty roses, or decide on one of our artistic styles to stand out from the crowd when they are delivered at work
  • If the decision making process is too much for you, call us! We will ask 2-3 questions and make suggestions for you to pick from for a sure win!
  • make a bold declaration of love (and show off your planning ahead) by asking for delivery earlier in the week

Be the hero, both to yourself in saving time and mental effort, and to her!

Last tip, join our Romance membership and lock in year round peace of mind, romantic wins, and I'll also add in a special gift of making your Valentine's dinner reservation or other service that fits your Valentine's goal.

"I recommend this florist without reserve. Their staff is intimate and personal, while also professional and efficient. Karin took all the time I needed to discuss what I wanted and asked questions I didn't even know to ask. She was patient and kind and brought over more of her staff to ensure she would give me the best bouquet possible within my budget. Please consider God's Garden Treasures!" Amy S, yelp review

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