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March 21, 2017 2 min read

Ever hesitate to order flowers in the summer?

We have some great tips for you, from asking for our help in selecting flowers that hold up well in the heat, to keeping them cool and long-lasting even in the summer!
Flowers in some ways are just like children, and even us adults. Keep us cool in the summer and we are just fine! So staying indoors here in Phoenix is one strategy. Or if you are spending time outside with your flowers, bring the ice along, keep well hydrated, and stay in the shade when possible.

We also take careful precautions in the summer - driving our delivery vehicle into our design studio so the flowers go into a cool vehicle, creating the arrangements the day before or a few hours before delivery, so that they can pre-cool in 40 degree temps, keeping a tighter inventory of fresh flowers, purchasing more often, so that the flowers are extremely fresh when they go out the door.
As we all know, the heat arrived in Phoenix, and many people think that they have to avoid flowers in the heat of the summer.
We’re here to help you with tips on how to enjoy flowers even in the heat of summer!

Here are some ideas for fresh cut flowers in the sunlight or heat:

1. Use tropical flowers

Today’s first tip is to select flowers with waxy surfaces. The waxy surface helps hold the moisture in the flower, so it lasts longer and has more staying power. And though they are a bit more costly per stem, even just a few stems artistically arranged by your floral artist make a big impact.

Pincusion Protea from Down Under are stunning combined with purples!

2. Ice down the water

Add ice cubes to the water just as you are putting the flowers out. They like a cool drink just as much as we do!

3. Put them out last minute, and in the shade!

4. Use Flowers that hold up well in the heat 

Tropical flowers and those with a waxy surface are a great bet! Also, daisies and mums hold up well. There are also other wildflower and distinctive seasonal blooms, such as erygium, ornamental kale, and safari sunset that are heat-hardy. Gerbera daisies don’t care for the heat so much, nor tender peonies, alas! And that's what we're here for - to help you navigate the thousands of varieties of flowers and help you find the ones that are best suited for the style and heat of your event!
If you know of neat tricks or strategies to help flowers beat the heat, feel free to share them with us. We would love to hear about it!
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