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August 22, 2022 3 min read

Do you remember the excitement when you were first dating? All the sparks in the air whenever you date? The blush on her cheeks when you surprise her or give her a gift? You may be stuck right now thinking, "where did all that go?". You don't feel as much of these anymore and looking back to regain that energy from before. Now you want to be the romantic hero and get all the romance back.

We have three tips for you in here:

1. Think about what's romantic for her. When you're running out of ideas, sometimes it's best to go back to a memory. Recall a time when you first started going out and she was really impressed with what you did or what you gave to steal her heart. What was it about that made it feel romantic? You might think that your partner might not like your idea because you've done it before. But wouldn't it be great to take a trip down memory lane? It might even feel like a first date again!

2. Resonate her personality. Touch her heart with a gift or experience that really fits her - her hobbies, interests, fashion, lifestyle, background, or even her work! If one of her favorite charities is holding an event soon, ask how you can be involved. Find an event about one of her hobbies or interests. If she's into fashion, take her shopping at three different stores and pay attention to what she likes and then later, even a week or two later, buy one of them for her.

This applies also when you're giving her flowers. Instead of ordering online and choosing randomly, pick one that describes her and shows her personality. Of course, we can help you with that!

Maybe her personality is one of these:

            Feminine                  Modern Romantic              Outdoorsy

The impact of the gift or experience will be deeper, more heartfelt, and it will show just how thoughtful you are of her!

3. Timing plays a crucial part. Just imagine you have a surprise gift or a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your date. Should you pull it out right when she sits down? In the middle of complimenting her? When you pick her up? Take it from the back seat to surprise her before she steps out of the car? Or have it delivered at the restaurant and waiting for you when you arrive?

To decide what timing works best, think about what you know about your partner. Try remembering what worked before. Or ask subtle questions before your date to figure it out.

Be the romantic hero he/she always deserved. It's easy to lose touch with what was once an enjoyable, thrilling, and exciting part of your relationship, but it's just as easy to keep it thriving and alive by investing effort and giving it a pump of impact every time. The power is in your hands.

Of course we are here for you anytime you want to surprise your significant other or lift their spirits up! Gifting flowers to your significant other is not just an act of thoughtfulness but an expression of your love.

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